crimson and gold Christmas tree

Christmas decorating is my favorite! Each year I love to create new looks with new color schemes. This year I’ve decorated two trees in two different styles. Eventually they’ll each find a different place to live in my home during the holiday, but for photography reasons, I’m photographing them in same room. You can read this post to see a side by side comparison! Today we are decorating a gorgeous crimson red and gold Christmas tree with accents of greenery and gold. These colors really stand out against the flocked tree! Let’s dive in!

Red and Gold Christmas Tree. Intricate and ornate gold wired ribbon, dark red dahlias and deep red roses decorate this flocked tree in traditional colors. See two ways to decorate a flocked Christmas tree. More how to design a traditional tree posts coming soon!
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Everything you need to know to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree!

tips to decorating a crimson red and gold Christmas tree

This crimson red and gold Christmas tree uses a few different elements. The artificial flowers on the tree is from Oranaments and ribbon are from Frontgate Christmas collections. The 7.5″ flocked Christmas tree is from King of Christmas. Tree skirt is from Homegoods last year.

  1. Start with the largest flowers first. Place in a triangle formation (example: the red dahlia is the point, then the two crimson dahlias are the points at the bottom.) Repeat with other flowers until visually everything looks symmetrical (but not too symmetrical – it’s still nice to have an effortless look!)
  2. Add greenery and roses to fill areas that need more fullness. In this tree the greenery is tucked behind the roses in particular to give them a pretty element.
  3. Fill in sparse areas with picks. You can find picks in so many looks and I collect them when I find ones I like. These have a gold glitter finish which I find glam! Here are similar ones that get great reviews. 
  4. Add some ornaments. The Frontgate ornament collection comes with some of the most beautiful colors and finishes I’ve ever seen – and a lot of them! Their ornaments are pricey but an investment you’ll use year after year (more on this in a coming post.) This particular Frontgate ornament Gilded Elegance collectionhad a few different color variations. I pulled out about a dozen of the gold toned ornaments because I thought they looked pretty against the crimson.
  5. Finish with ribbon. While I typically start with ribbon, in this case I wanted the florals to be the standout, so I began with the flowers. I added the ribbon sparingly to add some glitz and pizazz without overdoing it so that the flowers could shine!

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