can blondes wear yellow?

Yellow Joie skirt on sale. Maxi flowy skirt and chambray shirt with white sandals.

Call me one note, call me consistent, or call me boring (actually, can you just call me Kelly? It’s easier) but I’ve always been a bit afraid of color. Especially bold colors. I don’t like to decorate with too much color and I don’t wear bold colors – especially yellow. But I recently purchased a dress in yellow and got so many compliments on it, that I’ve been gobbling it up! Here’s what I’ll say – yellow absolutely 100% makes you feel happier wearing it!

Can blondes wear yellow? There’s this weird rule that says it’s not a good look for us. But honestly, I kind of disagree. I think the shade of yellow (just like any other color) is what makes or breaks the situation.

My skin is fair, but with red undertones. I find that jewel tones work best for my skin tone. So if you have fair skin without red undertone I think a nice bright pure yellow like this skirt would look so pretty!

Yellow lace dress by Alexis. Perfect dress to wear to a spring or summer wedding.
Alexis dress. Callisto dress with pom fringe. Lace and pom pom dress.

bright yellow tones

This pom pom dress comes in white and black also. So if you’re about to get married, this would be an awesome rehearsal dinner dress! I think the black version is gorgeous too – the lace detail at the top really stands out in black – and that one is on sale the most!

Strapless Yellow dress with full skirt. Red sunglasses.

yellow with orange undertones

If you have red undertones, I think the deep yellow of this strapless dress look really nice. This dress sold out, but here’s a really pretty shell in a similar color that you could wear to work with a blazer on with. 

Yellow maxi skirt. Summer skirt. How to wear yellow with chambray.

cool yellow tones

The pure yellow in this skirt can work for anyone! It’s a fan favorite of mine this summer – here I’m pairing it with my absolute favorite chambray shirt (pricey but bought same one three years ago and I can’t even count how many times I’ve worn it – buttery soft and the perfect shade of chambray), but I also have the matching top to make it look like a dress. Both pieces are on sale! I plan on wearing a crop white sweater within when fall hits to give it an extra month of love!

Here are some other great pieces in yellow! Try it on! You never know until you try – I’m so glad I dove in! Now I’m super mellow about wearing yellow!

yellow under $50!


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