Hey, hey I’m Kelly! I’ll be writing more about me here, but let me drink some coffee and then I’ll get right on top of this! In the meantime, welcome to my little corner of the interwebs!

My first job was being “very good friends” with Pluto, Alice in Wonderland. Sleeping Beauty, dancing in the parades and more at Disney World. I am forever covered in Disney Pixie Dust!

In college I came <—> this close to being on MTV’s The Real World Hawaii and was even featured on the casting special. Thankfully, they decided I was too normal and I wasn’t chosen. They instead hired me and I worked for MTV in Times Square New York in TV production.

I’ve anchored the news since I was 7 – elementary through college and then professionally in Georgia. It finally dawned on me in my early 20s that I hate the news so switched to Advertising. I worked for AT&T in national advertising handling print, radio and TV. I managed a few TV commercials with Ryan Seacrest, Forest Whitaker and Sydney Pollack.

I left the corporate working world to join the Mommy working world (arguably harder, ha!) to raise our three children.

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