Artifical Fall Floral Decor

Thanksgiving Tablescape with yellow flowers and gold heather.
Dining room Decor for Thanksgiving
Fake Fall Flowers for autumn decorations around the house.
Gorgeous fall flowers and mercury glass candles.
Rustic Fall Tablescape. Centerpiece with fake fall flowers in Tuscan Urn.
Fall Flowers in white vase. Artificial fall flowers and fall leaves for Thanksgiving centerpiece.
Mercury Glass Candlestick with fake candlelight. An elegant and rustic fall centerpiece!
Decorating for Fall with Modern Look. Dining Room Thanksgiving decoration ideas.
Fall velvet pumpkins. A beautiful farmhouse style table setting for Thanksgiving.

Last-minute fall floral decor!

This is a fall floral arrangement I made a few years ago for our dining room. Everything is made out of artificial flowers! I have a thing for fake flowers – you can use it outside in planters, or even in Christmas trees! And the beauty is, you only buy everything once!

Here is where I recommend buying your artificial fall flowers from. It makes an easy last-minute Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Fake Fall Flowers

Yellow Jasmine | Magnolia | Maple Leaves | Wild Wax

Fall Vases

Main Vase in the Post | Surrounding Vases

Velvet Pumpkins

From one flower lover to another, I’d love to know what you think of this arrangement!

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