how to hang garland outside

How to Hang Garland on Stone Outside. Front door holiday decorating with wreaths and garland.
Hanging Garland on Stone
How to Hang Garland Outside
How to Hang Outside Garland

Every year so many people send messages asking how to hang garland outside, especially if they have stone walls. It’s actually shockingly easy – you’ll only need three things: heavy nails, a hammer and floral wire.

Hammer in nails into secure areas between the stones. You won’t be able to do this symmetrically or in equidistance because stones aren’t usually symmetrical. Choose spots that the nail will fit snugly in order to support the weight of the garland. Sometimes that means they’ll be close together, sometimes that means they’ll be right by the door frame and sometimes that means they are 3″ from the door frame. This can’t be helped because you’re relying on the grout and stone placement to be strong enough to hold the nail.

Hammer in nails every 12″ or so around the border of your door or window. Then wrap a large piece of floral wire around the garland and secure it to the nail. That’s it!

If you space out the nails properly you can easily support the weight using floral wire. If you need more nails, add them. 

I keep my nails up year-round since I do hang fall garland. You also really can’t see them unless you’re looking for them! So do it right once, and then hanging garland outside every year will be so easy!

Source: Garland is from Frontgate.

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