3 Easy Entertainment Ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Kids Table with burlap table cloth.
Thanksgiving table runner for kids. A cute Thanksgiving craft that is easy and inexpensive!
Thanksgiving family traditions to start for Kids Thanksgiving.

3 East Entertainment Ideas for Thanksgiving

Your family is coming over. All of them. The whole day. Now what?!

These three activities are great ways to get your family involved in something fun and easy. These are all ice breakers if you have an awkward family but also work if you have a close one!

Pre-Dinner Activity

Decorate an apron for the host or hostess! In our family we always made our Granny a Thanksgiving apron. She would proudly display her collection every year, while wearing that year’s apron while she cooked!

Bring some fabric pens, buy a very affordable apron and let everyone sign or write a message! It makes for a fun activity and doubles as a hostess gift!

Simple Apron | Fun Turkey Apron | Fabric Pens

During Dinner Distraction

So there you are. All eating! And it’s awkwardly quiet! Lay butcher paper on your Thanksgiving table for everyone to color on. They can write what they are thankful for, you can play Tic-Tac-Toe with your fourth cousin or doodle pictures of turkeys!

Butcher Paper

Post Dinner Fun

When the dishes are done, but dessert hasn’t yet been served, playing Apples to Apples makes for a fun, lighthearted game! You don’t have to think, know anything, or be competitive! It’s just a simple game to enjoy with everyone!

Apples to Apples

Anyone else have any ideas? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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