hello yellow!

So it seems as though I’m craving the sun. Maybe because we’ve had oh, four weeks of solid rain in Atlanta. I had a photoshoot scheduled for my Butter weekend blog shoot, and thank goodness it was the only sunny day in weeks! Now it was 32 degree weather, but you’d never know it with those photos! I’ve been asked a ton about the yellow dress and yellow gladiator shoes I was wearing, so I’m linking everything here for you guys!

I’ll be honest – I always thought yellow was a good color for brunettes to wear. I remember watching “10 Ways to Lose a Guy” years ago and saw Kate Hudson in a yellow dress. That was when I thought “hmm…maybe I could wear yellow?” I think the key though is to have it be a golden yellow. With my skin tone that actually had quite a bit of red in it, the orangey/golden tones work where the cooler yellow tone’s just don’t. But if you have darker, olive or black skin then hello yellow!!!! You’ll look fabulous. Here are the details for each item, along with some more affordable variations of the look if you’re looking to “dip your toes” into yellow clothes this season!

Red sunglasses and Yellow strapless dress. Fabulous party dress and party styling ideas.

yellow strapless dress

Alexis Callisto Dress. Amazingly fun party dress with lace and fringe detail!

yellow Alexis Callisto dress

Yellow Gladiator shoes, oversized white shirt from Madewell and distressed denim jeans for summer.

yellow gladiator sandals

Yellow tennis shoes. Platform sneakers with yellow laces.

yellow sneakers! these are super fun.


Strapless Yellow dress with full skirt. Red sunglasses.

shop this yellow strapless dress look

Madewell White Shirt and distressed denim. Easy denim outfits.shop this white t-shirt, jeans and yellow gladiator sandals look

Yellow lace dress by Alexis. Perfect dress to wear to a spring or summer wedding.

shop this yellow pom-pom statement dress

photos by KVC Photography


  1. Avatar March 26, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    I just adore the yellow pom-pom statement dress. What a statement, indeed! I do think you have to be a little brave to wear yellow. I don’t know why, but for some reason it is just not a go-to for me. But you’ve given me a ray of hope (see what I did there!)! Ha! And I know yellow is really big right now. So maybe I’ll give it a try.

    Oh, and I’ll be leaving sunny Arizona next Tuesday to go to Atlanta for a couple of weeks, so work up some sunshine for me!! Blessings!


    • Kelly
      April 17, 2018 / 1:10 pm

      I love that you loved the yellow!!!! Did you ever find a great dress?!?!

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