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Hey guys, I’m Kelly! I’m an Atlanta blogger and for some crazy reason I call myself bluegraygal. Don’t ask. This is my lifestyle blog with home inspiration; low-fuss, high-fun entertaining; and not taking myself seriously, tell-it-like-it-is stories. I’ve done TV on NBC Atlanta Morning shows and was featured on ELLEDecor.com. Now a wife and mother to three I enjoy life, see the funny side and celebrate small wins (like making it through the day). So grab a glass of wine and read on

a Butter weekend to put a spring in your step

It’s spring and my eyes are puffy. It’s probably the pollen, you say, right? But I don’t have allergic reactions to pollen. I have allergic reactions to my life. The past few months have been exhausting! They are why I’m writing this article.

Last fall I was jumping on a trampoline at my boy’s birthday party (we have three children, two of whom are identical twins!) Was I jumping like a normal person? Of course not. I was doing toe-touches and front flips, #obvi. One toe touch too many and I (drumroll please) landed and twisted my knee. My husband caught me “sticking the landing” on his cell phone video. Great memory of the final toe touch of my life.

I had a whirlwind surgery at Christmas to repair a ruptured ACL, torn meniscus and broken MCL. Most expensive and longest lasting birthday party I’ve ever thrown! Where was my new-found fave, oh-so-delicious Butter Chardonnay then?! I needed that!

I’ve spent the first part of 2018 cooped up unable to walk and throwing an epic self-pity party (I throw really good parties, too.) I’ve been huffing and puffing like you wouldn’t believe (husband, no need to chime in here, alright? I think I’m making your point about my being an excellent patient.)

I’m finally able to walk without falling down. ☺I feel ready to celebrate life, ask forgiveness of my family and friends for putting up with me (again, I remind you I’m a super good patient) and #SpreadtheLove with oh-so -creamy Butter. After all, everything’s better with Butter, right?

So, I planned a Butter weekend–Time with my friends and some creami-licious Butter Chardonnay! Spring is here! The sun is out! It’s time to set real life aside and relax for crying out loud!

I’m not good at throwing elaborate parties. I applaud perfect party planners and am in awe of their talent! However, I have a feeling each of those planners enjoy their hosting style. Which is what entertaining should be about, right? Enjoyment? So, yay for them! But if they come to my party, ehh…. they may think I dropped the ball! But they’ll have fun watching me drop it (like it’s hot! Ha!)

When I entertain, I choose “the Butter Way” to unwind. Entertaining friends should be easy!

Red sunglasses and Yellow strapless dress. Fabulous party dress and party styling ideas.

Butter Up Your Honey

Time off from being a Mom isn’t easy, but here’s how I crack the code! You need to “Butter up” your husband. Being in a marriage cuts both ways and I want him to feel loved so that I can check out for a few hours with the girls!

The night before a party he’s not invited to I cook a fantastic dinner and serve a glass (or two!) of chilled Butter. He lightens up on my checking out the next day better when he’s fed and watered! Ha.

For the day of the party, I kick him and the kids out of the house (I say this with love!) and suggest a kid’s movie for him to take the kids to – preferably one I’d rather die than sit through myself, ha! My friend Amy and I once set our husbands up on a Daddy/kid playdate. Together they tackled six kids so we could spend a few hours in the pool alone! Score! We high-fived ourselves for being so clever!

Pampering before a party is one thing, it’s an entirely different story for after a party. The night after a party I am for sure not cooking! No chance. Pizza is always ordered! And if I have any melt-in-your mouth Butter left (fat chance so I buy more) we have that to let the good times keep rolling after the kids are in bed!

So, my Butter weekend plan was all set!

A “butter” way to set yourself up for a successful party

My dear friends Amy and Tricia came over for an afternoon. Though they each hadn’t met before, they both knew what was to come – a good playlist, lots of Butter on ice and someone doing the Running Man or Roger Rabbit (hey millennials, have I lost you on that? Ask your Mother to do those dances. They are impressive moves.)

I wanted “a Butter way” to be silly together and forget the weight of the whole parenting gig for a few hours. As the Butter flowed (darn it’s so easy to drink) they got to know each other. We laughed that I seem to have an affinity for brunette girls who look alike! Also, they knew they were also coming over to take some photos for this blog post. Only true friends can laugh at you yet still laugh with you. We were “model Mommy’s” for an hour! We basically acted like teenagers for an afternoon. It-was-glorious!

If you’re looking to entertain “the Butter way” these are my top five tips.

Butter Wine poolside! Throw a fun pool party with these top tips on how to have fun with girls!

5 tips to throw “a Butter party” with friends


  1. Create an environment of “mi casa es su casa.” Let people feel free to grab what they want, kick their feet up and relax! I like to show my guests where I keep the cups, napkins, the chocolate I’m hoarding…so they can grab what they need. But don’t eat all my chocolate stash. Just some, ladies!
  2. Leave out important items, like chilled Butter (hello!) for quick access when the party starts! The more Buttered you are, the better my party is! ☺
  3. Set out serving pieces one day in advance. Use post-it notes so you can remember what goes where. This makes life so much easier! This is also helpful when a friend shows up and asks “what can I do?” Hand them a bag of chips, a glass of Butter and point them in the right direction. This simple act will set the mood for learning their way around, feeling apart of the party and let the chill vibe begin!
  4. Cue the music… a good playlist is essential. Butter Chardonnay + good music = ready to #SpreadtheLove!
  5. Have party necessities ready for guests. Make available sunscreen, towels and spare sunglasses. My friends are mostly Moms and I’m fairly certain we lost part of our brains the day we became a Mom, so this is always helpful!

How do you guys entertain friends or get your husband on board with some girl time? Any tips and tricks so you can take some time to enjoy that super delicious Butter without the pressures of Motherhood? Tell me how you #SpreadtheLove with Butter Chardonnay and leave a comment below!

Yellow Gladiator shoes, oversized white shirt from Madewell and distressed denim jeans for summer.

Tip to prep for a party. Easy to love Butter Chardonnay from JaM Cellars. Yummy Chardonnay that's perfect for spring parties!Easy and simple party set up. All white and blue table setting with pretty blue and white plates, white linens and babies breath.How to host a pool party. Have lots of sunglasses laid out for guests. Make parties easy for friends to come over. Pink Quay sunglasses, Aviators and more!
Butter Chardonnay from JaM Cellars. Using a Pottery Barn pedestal as a riser to give height to table sets up. Create a pretty table setting for a party with minimal effort.

My Top 10 Butter Party Soundtrack

Guys, I’ve never met a Wedding DJ I didn’t love. Music is muy importante in my life. If you’re a friend of mine, you are fully aware that when Whitney Houston comes on you stand and you dance. Period. So, grab that bold Butter Chardonnay and join me in boldly twirling. Sometimes I spill my delicious Butter while twirling but that’s part of the fun!

1. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston
2. “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson
3. Anything Snoop d-o double G, circa 1993
4. “Bye Bye Bye” by NSync (I went to high school with one of them!)
5. “Jitterbug” by Wham!
6. “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC
7. “Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys
8. “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire
9. “Wildfire” by John Mayer (one of my favorite songs ever.)
10. “So What” by Pink (She is my heart & my soul.)

Doing the “Running Man” not required, though highly encouraged!

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Any recommendations on songs? I’m always looking to add to my playlist! Share your favorite songs either on this post or on Instagram (don’t forget to use the hashtag #SpreadtheLove so I can see it!)
…. rock on, rockers. Let’s have some fun, girls!

It Butter Not Be Over

The day after a fun party is my favorite for quiet time. I love letting those moments of fun linger and feel my stomach hurting from laughing so much! I create a fun playlist to listen to while I clean, and then find a hammock, a glass of chilled Butter and chill out.

favorite 10 JaMs to clean and unwind to

1. “Gone to Carolina” by James Taylor
2. “You are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne
3. “Love on the Weekend” by John Mayer
4. “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton
5. “Morning Light” by Justin Timberlake
6. “Beast of Burden” by Rolling Stone
7. “Caraluna” by Basilos
8. “That Girl” by Justin Timberlake
9. “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac

Mother’s Day is around the corner, a day of celebration for the heavy lifting Mother’s do in life. I will likely throw a girl only pool event then, too. It’s important to remember to be good to ourselves and our own Moms with some Buttery love every day and not just one day of the year. Airplane attendants tell you to “put the air mask on yourself before you can save others” for a reason.

I’m thrilled to have discovered Butter Chardonnay. It’s the perfect excuse to #SpreadtheLove to as many of the people I love as I can–Family, friends, and yes, myself too.

Outdoor Hammock, blue outdoor pillow, white garden school and great ruffle maxi dress.Spring party ideas and outdoor furniture styling.Coral ruffle maxi dress, top know and outdoor hammock.


I’d love to hear how you enjoy spring with Butter? Share pics of your celebrations with friends, alone time or whatever makes you smile. Use the hashtag #SpreadtheLove and share your tips with me! Cheers to doing your thang, ladies. However you do it, I hope you do it your way, a “Butter way” and with love and fun!


Yellow strapless dress. Cape Cod style home exterior and pool.Giant inflatable pool floats! How to throw a fun summer party. Tips for music playlists and more!How to throw the perfect party with girlfriends. If you're having your girlfriends over and looking for a great Spotify channel to listen to, here are my favorite songs for summer parties!Silk flower arrangements outside. Faux azalea mixed with silk petunias in poolside container. No more need to worry about containers who get to much sun - go faux and no one will know!Affordable Chardonnay wine from JaM cellars. Lace yellow dress with pom poms for great spring dress!

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    OMG! Butter is my absolute favorite wine! It is so delish! I want to have abutter party now!

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