5 annoying things about being a blogger

I just posted an Instagram (view it here to read what I wrote!) and the mood I was I was in while writing it made me chuckle. Being a blogger is downright hysterical. It can be freeing in that it lets you create a dream world. My Instagram page can almost be a mood board it looks so “neat and tidy.” Ha! In reality? Life is a hot mess and I’m just trying to keep my head above water! But I have consciously chosen to have my Instagram look a certain way. It’s inspirational – even for me! 🙂

There are so many things about blogging I love. Yet at the same time I can’t take it, or myself, too seriously. This is a hit list of funny things that have made me laugh throughout my journey of blogging…

things I swore I’d never say and now do


  • “I’m obsessed with this (fill in the blanks.)”
  • “Hey girl, thanks! (Enter emoji of choice.)”
  • Insert ANY hashtag. I used to SWEAR on my life I’d never use a hashtag. In fact my husband and I had a longstanding joke about people who use hashtags. I’ve crossed to the dark side.
  • “Thanks for following me.” What are people following? Are you like, my disciples? Weird. It’s all weird.
  • “Tablescape.” Never knew this word existed until I started blogging.
  • Endless barage of pimping products “To find out how to get this XX or this XX go to my blog and shop the post!”
  • “Shop the Post.” …..I’m annoyed at myself.

sometimes blogger = being a characature

It’s true. Give me a break that I pick flowers in a flowy dress. Reality is more going outside by my flowers at night after I scream at my kids to go to bed, grab a glass of wine in my pajamas and hum to myself to calm my butt down while I furiously grab flowers off the stems as stress relief. But nooooo…..I’m posting these perfect pictures of me oh so casually picking flowers from my perfectly arranged container planter (that you can buy by shopping here! I kid, I kid. Or do? Visit this post! LOL)

photoshoots aren’t glamorous

You’re paying someone good money to take your picture of said flowy dress. So you are husting between photos, posing like a giant nerd, pretending you’re laughing when no one is there to laugh at and sweating your butt off changing clothes in 3 minutes. You’ve literally been setting up the stuff to photograph for days, working to get companies to pay you to cover your costs, and hopefully (!) make a profit.

The photographer arrives and part of you thinks she is making fun of you and this entire “influencer” thing. So you sort of feel embarrassed while simultaneously saying “did you get me smiling and looking down?” and what about over here – “did you photograph me over here, too?” How about me over there – did you get a good shot of that?

I’m rolling my eyes. At myself.

it’s pretend serenity

Being a blogger is like being a duck in water. You look calm and serene above water, and below your paddling like hell. All while feeling a little bit dumb, yet at the same time energized because wow – you have FOLLOWERS! Bahahaha.

your friends sort of think it’s cool – yet not really

I have wonderful friends who are very supportive. Do they have a part of their brain who thinks this is ridiculous? Absolutely. But heck, I think it’s partly ridiculous. My sisters don’t even follow me. Not because they don’t love or support me, but because “Kelly, just I don’t know. I just not sure I can deal” they say. Ha! And then over a year ago my one sister asked if this was some sort of weird aging phase I was going through and we’d all say “Remember that one time when you tried to be a blogger?!”

My friends understand it’s a business. Yet those who don’t are somewhat confused. And why not? I’m confused as well. We are living in a wacky, wacky world and I’m part of the giant machine. My one friend Tricia has shown up during a few of my photoshoots. I adore her. But her facial expressions kill me and I laugh (while of course looking down, grabbing my hair and making sure my photographer captures the genuine laugh shot.) Tricia oscillates between smiling and laughing to this pause of  “what in the hell are you doing, Kelly and why are you laughing and holding your hair?” 🙂 And then she sees the photo and goes “Actually, that looks kind of cute and normal!”

favorite comments from my loved ones


  • “There are bloggers here again in the coffee shop. Man they love that brick wall.” – my husband.
  • “I don’t understand what you’re doing at all but you seem to be good at it. But I don’t get it at all. But if you like it, then you go do it. But please stop talking to the camera with no make-up on.” – my Dad.
  • “I’m going to quit my job and be a blogger. Do you think I can replace my income pretty quickly?” – my friend. Uh….no.
  • “Is someone going to show up at our house wearing your skin as a hat?” – my husband worried about stalkers.
  • “There are bloggers here again in front of a white wall. All just standing there alone and laughing. This whole thing is weird, Kelly.” – again, my husband.

There is no point to this blog post other than I’m having a good chuckle for the moment at blogger-dom. Sometimes I scroll through Instagram myself and see all of us little blogger babes (again a phrase I would have never used in my former life) and think “Ha! We all look alike! Same poses, same text!” and have one giant laugh and eye roll. But then I pick up my phone and post again because at the end of the day – I love it. 

So there. It is weird. It is funny. But damn it’s fun. 🙂

a few behind the scene pics of the glamorous blog life….

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  1. Avatar March 16, 2018 / 10:34 am

    OMGosh! This is probably one of my favorite blog posts I’ve read EVER! I’ve been blogging for 6 years and what you wrote is soooo true (and funny). My family still doesn’t really know what I do, but they just smile and wave like penguins. Haha! I love this blogging life and I wouldn’t change a thing…it’s the best roller coaster ride ever!!!

    • Kelly
      April 17, 2018 / 1:05 pm

      HAHAHA! I love that you read it and it resonated. And the waving like a penguin may be my new favorite analogy! Hysterical! Thanks for commenting, Tana! I appreciate you reading!

  2. Avatar
    March 30, 2018 / 10:10 am

    Hahaha! Thanks for the “behind the scenes post!” Love knowing the “real”.

    • Kelly
      April 17, 2018 / 1:04 pm

      🙂 Thanks, Val! Behind anything that looks easy is someone scrambling to make it look like that, right?!?! Thanks for commenting!

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