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Guys, hurry and order this Nordstrom wrap dress because I don’t think it’s going to last long! Based on everyone’s comments from when I posted it to my Instagram, and seeing a few other bloggers feature it, I think it’s going to be gone in no time! And for good reason. This ruffle wrap maxi dress is just an easy spring dress that looks great for most body shapes. It’s one of those cute dresses for vacation (which is why I bought it!) Here are the reasons why I think the wrap dress Nordstrom has on sale is worth it:

  • The ruffle detail is sweet yet flirty.
  • The color! My gosh this would look cute on someone with olive or darker skin. I was surprised my fair skin could pull it off, which shows you it could work for anyone! I have red in my skin tone and I thought this dress wouldn’t work. You girls with tanned skin will look phenomenal in this color!
  • You can adjust the wrap tie as needed for amount of cleavage you want to show.
  • The sleeves — so nice to not have to show too much arms. The sleeve length is perfect for covering some of that flab you don’t want showing! Plus how cute are the ruffled sleeves?!
  • I do suggest buying a camisole to go underneath it to make it more demure. I plan on wearing one most of the time because I’m with my kids and don’t want it too va-va-voom! This is a good one.

I’ll warn you that the Nordstrom wrap dress actual tie is very thin, so you won’t be able to yank on it too much to secure. Given that I recommend sizing up one size to be sure it covers you without using the tie to do the leg work in wrapping. I’m wearing a size Medium and I’m a dress size 6.

There is lining in this ruffle wrap maxi dress. As you can see in these photos I’m standing outside in daylight and you can’t see through it at all. That’s important to me.

styling notes

You guys know me and my love for simplicity so I’m the kind of girl who would just wear a pretty pair of sandals with this. I think the ruffles have enough going on. I have my hair up in a bun and then I’d just wear a killer pair of earrings with it and I’d be set. Add this clutch that is to die for cute! This clutch will go great with all outfits this summer. Dressed in under five minutes – that’s what I’m talking about!

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The “IT” bag of the year — perfection for all spring, summer and vacation outfits!

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