I tried on one-piece bathing suits so you don’t have to!

Cute bathing suit cover up from Mud Pie. Blue and gold sequin cover up.

the good, the meh and the don’t buy of one piece bathing suits.

Is there anything worse than bathing suit shopping. I think not. Jean shopping, possibly, but those love handles cover quickly with the help of high rise jeans. Bathing suit shopping brings about a dread like no other. I literally can’t handle it. I hate and will not buy a bathing suit in a store. Between the fluorescent lighting, the sales person trying to make a commission and the three way mirror I’m out. Peace.

This post shan’t show any photos of me in a bathing suit – not even the amazing swimsuits or classy swimwear I own.  A cover up? Yes, all day. But I will never bring myself to post a bathing suit photo no matter how many Mai Tai’s I’ve had! 🙂

I’ve ordered bathing suits online to try on at home for at least ten years. That way I can have a glass of wine, or two, turn the lights to their most flattering and try them on when I’m having the tiniest moment of confidence. I also do ask my husband his opinion. He’s politely honest with me and when I get a “that’s really nice” comment I know it’s a win!

I order a ton of styles online. I have bought a dozen in one order knowing most of them won’t fit. But you have to try bathing suits of all shapes and sizes on because you’ll often be surprised by what fits!

If it appears they are selling out then I buy two sizes just in case it’s the bathing suit of my dreams but the wrong size! With free returns from most stores it’s worth the added trip back to UPS to save my sanity. Because who wants to buy a bating suit and go on vacation already pissed? Not I.

Spray tans are also essential for me. A lot of beauty posts are on the horizon so stay tuned and get my newsletter.

best one piece bathing suits so far

crotched one piece bathing suit

Fabulous suit black crotched suit. There’s a reason this is one of Nordstrom one piece bathing suits best sellers! It has almost 5 stars with 101 reviews! I actually bought this two years ago and it’s so universally good looking they bring it back year after year. Creates a gorgeous illusion of curve, has some sex appeal yet you are covered. The top is really nice for the girls, too! I wear a size 6. It has not shrunk or expanded.

green one piece bathing suit

Beautiful and classy swimwear. This was a new purchase. The simplicity is perfection. I love how flattering the top is. A lot of one pieces smoosh the girls. This creates a nice lift. My friend saw it and she likes the fact that it still has a bikini bottom. It doesn’t come up way high like a lot of one piece suits do. The butt portion sits lower on your butt and exposes more back. The back is very nice and gives a pretty illusion of curve. The straps are adjustable so it won’t smoosh your back fat! 🙂 Really pretty suit, great color and fit. I bought a size 8/Medium.

ehh…it’s alright

halter one piece bathing suit

I bought this last year in a Kelly green color. The only difference, besides the pattern, was that the top was scalloped. Here’s what I like – pretty shape, the halter was adjustable which was nice and I actually get a lot of compliments on it. What I don’t love is that, for the price, I feel like the top has grown just ever so much. I have to tie the halter extra tight to get it to sit where it needs to. And when you have to tie a one piece that tightly it can be a you-know-what in the wet bathing suit deriere to take off when you have to go to the bathroom! I still wear it though and will continue to this summer season. I will say that I have found that

steer clear

red lace up bathing suit

Blegh. Gave me no shape, no butt, no support. A non-starter. I thought the strap tie down would be pretty but not so much.


cover up wins!

All of these I own, have for years and fully 100% endorse. All wash well, look great, fit great and are just bathing suit cover up staples you’ll love having! Let’s be honest. A great cover up is worth every penny because that’s where you’ll feel your cutest, the drinks can flow and you no longer have to suck in your tummy!

tunic cover up

This one is a classic. They sell it every year. It’s 100% my go to because it’s appropriate for nearly every setting – family, friends, beach, poolside – just a must have.

gold and sequin cover up. awesome price, I’m telling you and so worth it!

This cover up from Mud Pie is my other go-to. It has sequin detailing! Which you would think means it won’t last but you would be wrong! The sequin washes ridiculously well! I wore the heck out of this last summer and it still looks great. Wore it again recently! It’s on sale too for less than $30!!!!!!

So whose meeting me at the bar for a Mai Tai? 🙂

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Cute bathing suit cover up from Mud Pie. Blue and gold sequin cover up. Review of a lot of Nordstrom one piece bathing suits.

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