about kelly page

I’ve never met a TV camera I didn’t come alive in front of. I also have no shame in my game, so honest blogging and story telling makes me feel like a duck in water. 

Everything on this blog represents my own personal style. I won’t endorse any brand I don’t firmly believe in or wear an outfit that I wouldn’t put on myself. And if I say I like it, I mean it. This blog is genuinely reflective of who I am and will remain so, no matter what financial gain I could have! It’s more important to me that you trust me because you like my estillo! Because truth? I don’t have to work. Husband takes care of that. This is my outlet.

Thanks for following along on my journey and my desire to communicate and share. My cup runneth over having you!

Give me a shout out! Would love to hear from you! 

Email me at: kelly@bluegraygal.com

Kelly Page is bluegraygal and she is walking with her family