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Dining Room Fireplace Mantel Decor

September 23, 2016

This is our Dining Room fireplace mantel decor (is it mantle, or mantel – I will never get it straight!). I fell in love with this artist years ago. Her work is breathtaking. I love the simplicity of the art with the accessories on the mantel and rarely change it. It’s clean, sophisticated, and elegant looking with a slightly modern look on a formal fireplace. I’m sharing product links here and lookalikes.


Fireplace Mantel Decor

Art: Mallory Page

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Fashion Week Volume 3: The Best Yoga Pants

September 20, 2016

Hi, I’m Kelly, and I really only want to wear yoga pants. I’m a self admitted yoga-pantaholic.

Why? Because they are easy, suck in your trouble spots (IF you buy the right ones), you can throw on a t-shirt or long sweater and are good to go and they come in a ton of colors so they can reflect your mood. However, I firmly believe not all yoga pants are created equally. I also think that not every color works on people. Some styles and brands can have the opposite effect of sucking you in and create yucky lumps where you don’t want lady lumps, and some show way too much detail and it’s just not cute, guys.

Here’s is my favorite pair I own and my second favorite pair of pseudo Yoga Pants:


best yoga pants

High Rise Pants

These rock my world. I own this exact color and style. They are nice and thick and supportive where they need to be and the color is vibrant but not overkill. It hides what you want hidden.



Studio Pant

These are my “I’ve worn yoga pants too many days in a row so I need to pretend like I wear other clothes” pants. I own these in two colors and they are positively one of the best purchases I’ve made. They are cool looking and great to wear when you’re feeling like you want to cover up a bit more. They fit fabulously. I love these!


These two I don’t own but let me tell you – I may be very soon. Made by Spanx? And they look this cute? Yep. May need these.


Things I look at when I try on Yoga Pants:

    1. Do they come up enough to cover my love handles and suck them in? Or are they too low waisted that they actually emphasize my love handles? There are so many more high-rise pants coming out and I love them because it helps smooth you out.


    1. Are they a dark enough look that you can’t see through them?


    1. Is the material thick enough that no unwanted cellulite bumps show through? Be careful – even if they are lightweight some lighter colors still show more than you want.


    1. TRY. THEM. ON. They are not all created equal. An $80 black pair may be worth it versus a few $20 ones with different looks. Change your shirt to change your looks. Don’t sacrifice your bootie looking good to have more!



So, for those of you who know I’m a bit koo-koo, you may find this video funny. It was one of the first videos I made and it was on the Fabletics line of clothes. I hated Fabletics. If you watch, you’ll see why. Now, you also may see in the video that I’m a dodo bird, but I’m willing to sacrifice myself for you to know how I feel about this brand! Ha!

Here is another pair I haven’t tried on, but I like the look of and a few different tops I’d wear with any and all of the above!

See you tomorrow for more Fashion Week fun!

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Fashion Week Volume 2: Necessary Footwear

September 19, 2016

My version of Fashion Week continues. Today we are discussing Fashion Week footwear. The necessary footwear, that is.

Fashion Week footwear

These boots are made for walking…except I have plantar fasciitis and bunions and everything hurts my feet. I’m sharing here my favorite all time shoes. These are my go-to’s for almost every occasion. Come search my closet and you’ll see everything listed here right up front and worn constantly (I may have substituted a color here and there, but the style is the same!).

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