what’s in my car makeup bag

looking good on the go!

Life for me = lots of car! I am always on the go (aren’t all of us women?) So I keep a car stocked with mini-make up necessities for everything. Here is a list of my must have’s.

I also keep one bag for my purse. This works well so if I’m switching purses then I can grab the bag and easily move it to the new bag. I also prefer this bag to be mesh so that I can see through it. I’m getting ready to replace it with a plastic one to avoid spills, but the see through aspect of it is key for me.

For my car, I use something opaque to help block the sunlight.

must have products

Pressed Powder (less messy)  |  Eye Brow Gel  |  Bronzer  |  Blush  |  Brushes  |  Mascara  |  Neutral Lipgloss  |  Make Up Remover Towelettes  |  Dry Shampoo  |  Concealer  |  Tinted Moisturizer (best I have ever tried. It’s incredible.)

Atlanta blogger Kelly Page or bluegraygal with 10 things girls should carry in their make up bag.

What make up to carry in your purse.



What to make up to bring on vacation.

Favorite Nars powder.

cute make up bags



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