why I use silk flowers

why I use silk flowers

real or artificial real touch flowers?

I stumbled upon a wedding a year ago and being the flower lover I am, I poked my head in while the florists were setting up to ogle over the flower arrangements. Since I always have a camera on me, I snapped a few photos to save. I can’t help but do this. Flowers are a passion of mine! As is my Dining Room centerpiece. Most of you are familiar with all the ways I style my Manzanita Branch centerpiece, so this past month I used this flower arrangement from the wedding as my inspiration. However, after experimenting with real flowers I decided to try fake flowers that look real in vase for my centerpiece. I went to Floral to buy realistic flowers to create artificial flower arrangements that no one would know weren’t real.

Using realistic flowers is so much easier! Artificial real touch flowers eep the maintenance low but the look high impact! I was so happy with the result!

my inspiration for the feeling of softness

Low bowl of white hydrangeas and pink roses and soft pink roses for low Wedding floral arrangement.

artificial flower arrangements

If you’ve ever walked the halls of Homegoods, fake flowers are everywhere. But to me, they look fake. To me, their fairness is clear as day. I wanted fake flowers that look real in vase. So real I wanted artificial real touch flowers – ones that even felt real when you touched them (because who doesn’t walk up to an orchid plant and touch them to see if they are real? I do since they are ridiculously hard to keep alive.)

Enter Afloral. They are a company that specialize in high end silk floral arrangements. They sell everything from plastic to artificial real touch flowers for your treasured moments. Whether it’s a bouquet for your wedding so that you can keep it forever (genius!), flower arrangements for your home or an event floral decor. Whatever your needs, Afloral has the most gorgeous selection to make your flower dreams come true.

the result using artificial real touch flowers

artificial real touch flowers and Pottery Barn Tuscan Urn vase in Dining room centerpiece.

Floral allowed me to choose some to experiment with. Given my picky background with flowers I had to see for myself if fake flowers that look real in vase would look high end enough for my vision. I – was – floored. The touch of these real touch flowers is beyond amazing! Someone was in my house when I was creating my centerpiece and she touched them too and she couldn’t believe it! The softness of the rose petals! The velvety feel of the Lambs Ear! It’s really amazing what a high quality artificial flower can feel and look like. I’m sold.

fake flowers that look real in vase

I chose a beautiful array of flowers to use. I went with a somewhat similar color palette as the wedding arrangement with a slight nod to fall since this centerpiece will likely stay up until I decorate for fall. Here are all of the products I used:

Silk Flower Peony in Beige

Real Touch Rose Stem in Cream Pink

Real Touch Mini Peony Wedding Bouquet in White and Lavender

Artificial Dusty Miller and Boxwood Pick in Grey Green

Lamb’s Ear Spray Flocked

Atlanta blogger - lifestyle blogger creating home centerpiece inspiration with manzanita branches in dining room.


Italian lambskin pumpkin available here

For the base of the centerpiece with fake flowers that look real in vase, I chose to accent with preserved boxwood wreaths. I used two and circled them around the bottom to add a touch of realness and green.

I think the key to creating high end silk floral arrangements is to buy the best you can afford. They will last you and they will be realistic flowers that no one will notice aren’t real. The artificial real touch flowers are the best I have ever seen and I can’t recommend them enough when creating high end silk floral arrangements.

bluegraygal Atlanta Lifestyle blogger.

creating high end silk floral arrangements

To create all I did was slowly spread out the flowers around the base. I bent the stems to get the right height for each so that they would stick down far into the vase and stay secure. I slowly built it as if I were putting together an actual flower centerpiece.

To pull it all together I used a lot of extra greenery both in the center and in between the flowers. The stems have wired in them so they are very forgiving and can move and spread open. I definitely recommend spreading them open to give them a real life look and full appearance. I definitely recommend the Lambs Ear – I used three, but I wish I had gotten one or two more. The other thing I wish I had added was the babies breath just to add a little bit more white and fullness. I will definitely be adding to my silk flower collection now that I’ve seen the quality from Afloral!

fake flowers that look real in vase using manzanita stick branches and roses.

To re-create the look visit this blog post on everything I use to create the basics of my manzanita branch centerpiece and stay up to date on great holiday centerpieces ahead by getting my weekly email!



  1. September 28, 2017 / 5:59 am

    I liked your article. Even I think that artificial flowers are easy to maintain and even its cost is less. as it has advantage that it can last for long time.

    • Kelly October 18, 2017 / 6:46 am

      You’re right they last a long time! Low maintenance, forever lasting! Plus I change up my arrangements a lot to keep them looking fresh! Thanks for reading, Simran!

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