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Have you ever had once of those days or moments where you just feel life is on track and all is right in the world? This past weekend was one of those for my husband and me. Our daughter recently turned 10 years old. We were celebrating her, and celebrating having been parents for an entire decade!

For her birthday we allowed her to get her ears pierced. I remember my Mom letting me get mine as a special treat when I was old enough, and I wanted to give that same special gift to her instead of doing it when she was a baby.

I threw our daughter a “kitten” themed slumber party Friday night with the help of a friend whose a party planner. I’ll be sharing the pictures of that incredible party later this week! All of the girls had a wonderful time, and all the girls are pure joys. Sometimes it calms my heart to see sweet, happy, well intended mannered girls in a group. None of them act too old for their age, all seem confident and bright and I close my eyes and pray that they continue to remember how special they are. I’m so grateful my daughter has chosen friends who are kind, intelligent, fun, happy and pure of heart.

One of her closest friends also turned 10 at the same time, so her Mom and I surprised them both by telling them we were getting their ears pierced together in a few hours. This was right after the sleepover ended so could life get better?! The squeals of happiness and bouncing was so cute!!!!

Before we did that our boys played their first baseball game. I admit to not having the most athletic of children, but my one son has been dying to play so we signed them up. In our part of town baseball is sort of life or death. Most young kids are even on travel leagues which blows my mind. So in our part of the world, starting at age six is two years too late! It’s crazy.

They. Did. Awesome. They hit off pitches, they scored, they fielded. But most of all they had a blast. No complaining from the heat. No saying “I’m tired.” They held their head high and loved it all! My husband and I literally smiled ear to ear and I laughed so hard I almost cried with pride!

The ear piercing was a huge success and my daughter held my hand while she got them pierced. Her face was beautiful and happy and she can’t stop staring at herself! She held her friend’s hand while she got her ear pierced. Bonding experience big time!

The next day we went to the Braves game for her friends party. The whole family. Our boys said “I’m a baseball player, too” and grabbed their glove. They were pumped.

At the end of the game they ran the bases at SunTrust Park (kids get to do it for free Sunday nights.)

I went to bed last night totally exhausted, but full of pride, peace and happiness. What more could a parent ask for then to see their children happy, content and confident.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

photo: Sara D Harper taken a few years ago.



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