Protecting Kitchen Rug from Kids

How to Protect Carpet under Dining Table

When we bought our home our children were very young. We asked the previous owners to leave the kitchen table behind because we knew it would get very banged up! However, I wanted a rug to soften the space but somehow keep it clean. When we moved in the boys were in high chairs and the spills were endless. I put their high chairs on top of cheap plastic mats but they always crumpled and were hard to wash. The wheels also got stuck. So I bought a mat under the dining room table which worked wonders. If you have high chairs or young kids and are wondering how to protect the carpet under the dining room table, I hope this helps!

How to protect carpet under dining table. Dining Room inspiration and Frontgate indoor outdoor rug.

I used oversized office chair clear mats to place underneath the chairs my kids sat in. The hard plastic allowed the chairs to move in and out easily and provide a thick barrier between the spilled food and the rug! Instead of a cheaper plastic mat for under dining table, the heavy quality of an office floor mat proved to be much easier to clean and maneuver high chairs and table chairs.

Because the office chair mats are clear it didn’t interfere too much with the look. Also, the wiped clean so easily! Note, I bought mine at Amazon. I’ve never found the large size I need in stores like Office Depot. With Amazon’s free shipping and offerings, this has always been my go to!

Mat under Dining Table

Under dining table mat.
Tricks to keep kitchen floor clean. plastic rug under dining table

To further protect my kitchen we used an indoor/outdoor rug. Ours is from Frontgate. So you could use bleach on it if you needed to! Even take it outside and hose it off! Cleans seamlessly. I’ve actually done this with great results!

Under dining table mat.

Nearly seven years later I’m actually in the process of buying a new kitchen table and rug. Yay! In the meantime, Do you have any hints for how you keep your house clean with kids? Please comment below so we can all benefit!

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    April 11, 2019 / 5:26 pm

    Do you have a link to the plastic mat you bought? When I click the Amazon link it just brings me to the Amazon home page. Thanks!

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    August 12, 2019 / 1:31 pm

    Same question here! Wanted to buy it but your link just goes to Amazon not the product. Also, you don’t actually say what the name of the product is in your description or the length. Would be helpful to know!

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