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how to wear wide leg pants

People! I am not the most fashion adventurous, but I sure try. With this latest influx of wide leg pants, I’ve been freaking out. Do you know how to wear wide leg pants? My friend, Monica Farber, is a fabulous fashion blogger (follow her!) and I asked her to style a few outfits for me for the summer! This is one she came up with and I love it, wear it all the time, and am so happy she picked it out for me! Monica helped me understand that balancing out wide leg pants needed some streamlining up top.

If you live in a warm climate, or going on vacation, then these wide leg pants with side splits are for you!!! They are actually pants, each with slits in them! The slits don’t go too high. They sort of flutter as you walk showing a little leg, but not going too high. This is perfect for super hot summer weather when you can’t wear shorts but holy cow you would die if you had to wear pants! These are extremely lightweight, easy to wear and super, super cute!

I wore mine with a bodysuit so that everything stayed put. It is one of the most effortless outfits I’ve ever worn. I wore it to an event and was in it from 11am-3am and was perfectly comfortable the entire day!

do wide leg pants make you look wide?

You’ll look fabulous! In this outfit I’m actually wearing flats. If you thought you had to wear heels to add height (like me) this photo should make you feel better. I have long legs and a short torso. I’m only about 5’5 and I think they look cute! Balance it out by a fitted top. Knowing how to wear wide leg pants means understanding fit. You want them high waisted. They should sit at your true waist so they lengthen your legs. Then wear something fitted up top. I personally prefer bodysuits because they don’t come untucked, and you can find some fabulous shape wear kind that help tuck in your tummy!

How to wear wide leg pants. Wide leg split pants and black off the shoulder bodysuit with gold gladiator sandals.

Wide leg split pants. Steele pants. Effortless summer outfit. Great vacation outfit or what to wear in hot summers!

you won’t regret these pants!

(side note, I’ve already ordered the green and black pair – for that price? all day!)

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    August 2, 2018 / 10:56 pm

    Loved your 411 on how to wear wide leg pants! I’ve been wanting to try them but unsure how to put a look together.

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