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Our family has been going to the Florida panhandle twice a year for nearly 13 years. We have a family beach home in Miramar Beach and it’s a treasured place for reunions, off the grid vacations and sacred memories that lie within the walls of this our home in this little spot of heaven on earth! I’m originally a central Florida girl. I had never been to any of the beaches near Destin, Rosemary Beach or Seaside. I knew only of Cocoa Beach and New Smyrna. I went to Florida State University so we would occasionally take day trips to St. George’s Island but that was a long time ago!

When I first went to Destin I was flabbergasted at how beautiful the beaches were! I had no idea beaches could look like that in Florida! White sands, clear blue water, and sunsets worthy of the Caribbean. I fell in love with the area. Since we’ve been going for so long, I’m going to be doing a blog series of each area in the 30a and Highway 98. I’ll highlight my favorite restaurants and shops! Be sure to get my newsletter so you know when the other posts come out!

where is rosemary beach?

There are two main roads in the Florida panhandle, Highway 98 and 30a. Each highway has “their people” and in Atlanta, you’ll see people wear their preferred highway as a bumper sticker on their car! Not kidding! The 30a crowd is no joke – they have major pride. People proudly show their love for ’30a’ on visors, shirts, bumper stickers and toys!

This map will help you know where Rosemary Beach is. At the far left of the map is Destin and Miramar Beach. So both are relatively close in distance.

This map shows all of the little beach towns off 30a. While the beaches look close together and are on the same coast, each has a very different aesthetic, vibe and blend of people. The roads are small, and the area is growing so a five-mile drive between towns could take thirty minutes depending on the time of year, and time of day!

Most people tend to find their preferred area of Destin/30a and make it their little corner of heaven. This means you’ll typically hang with your beach tribe visiting the local restaurants and shops within your own area.

Where is Rosemary Beach in Florida.

the vibe of rosemary beach

Rosemary Beach is one of the most scenic places in 30a. It has a very European feel to it with cobblestone streets, gas lanterns, and outdoor cafe tables. The streets are filled with beautiful people for sure! The houses are very expensive and very small so prepare to be up close and personal with people if you stay in this area. But that’s one of the reasons so many people love Rosemary Beach – it has gorgeous white sand beaches for the day, and plenty of see-and-be-seen activity at night!

rosemary beach restaurant recommendations

Get a fabulous cup of coffee from Amavida Coffee Roasters! My husbands a coffee snob and he has to stop in here whenever we are in the area!

I’ve snacked at places while in Rosemary Beach, but in all honesty not enough to give one particular place a review. We typically move on down the highway when it’s time to eat! Again – get that newsletter so I can share where we do eat in other beach towns near Rosemary Beach!

shopping in rosemary beach

Tracery Interiors is on my must stop list every time we go. Beautiful home decor inspiration, products and eye candy! They do a beautiful job of being interior designers to many homes in the area and throughout the country. Tracery Interiors look is on point and I’ve been a fan for so long! You must stop in!

Parish Shoppe – the interior design inspiration continues! Be still my heart with all of these amazing interior designers that do such phenomenal design! There is a great shop with home decor products you need to stop in as well!

Pish Posh Patchouilis. My husband won’t go inside with me because he can’t stand how it smells, but it’s exactly why I have to stop and go inside! Such amazing bath and body products you won’t believe! Heavenly store.

what to do with kids in rosemary beach

The Sugar Shak is a must stop place. Prepare to drop some cash on candy but your kids will think they’ve died and gone to heaven! I typically give each of my kids $10 and tell them to go have fun but then that’s it for the trip!

Bikes! There’s plenty of open flat places to ride bikes and bike rentals are everywhere. With this place being so picturesque riding a bike around is a great way to take in the views!

who is it for?

This area is a fabulous place to go with a bunch of couples! The area is alive day to night! Bumping into friends from Atlanta is also highly likely! As much as I love and adore this area for its own uniqueness, it’s not my personal choice for a family vacation. My idea of a beach vacation involves kids not wearing shoes outside, me wearing a top knot and no makeup no matter where I am, and taking life speed down several notches. Rosemary Beach has an air of sophistication (which is what makes it a gem of a beach town) but in my opinion, you and the kids will need to look pulled together for dinners. There’s a lot of very pretty people in this area and it’s more of a scene than I like. Having said that, we go to Rosemary Beach every year just to spend a day and take in the sites!

Rosemary Beach Town Hall. Where to stay in Destin or vacation ideas in Florida. A little piece of Europe at the beach in Florida. This unique town in Florida is a great place to vacation in Florida on the beach!

Where to shop at Rosemary Beach. Vacation places in the panhandle of Florida. Black and white awnings and bright colored houses make this city in Florida a great place for a family vacation. Travel information for Florida Panhandle.

what is rosemary beach

Blue door in Rosemary Beach. Fun pool toys for kids and adults!

The Outpost Coffee Shop in Rosemary Beach. All white shiplap design coffee shop. This bright and happy coffee shop has character and fun. I love the design of the white bar counter and all white shelving with white lighting.

White dress with pockets. Dress for women with curves.

stock up on these vacation essentials!

Want to know more about the Rosemary Beach surrounding areas? Get on the list and I’ll keep you updated!

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