how to clean sterling silver jewelry

How to clean David Yurman jewelry.

how to clean sterling silver jewelry

My ears are sensitive to metal so I usually only wear sterling silver or gold earrings. However, sterling silver can tarnish at the drop of a hat no matter what you do to protect it. Cleaning sterling silver can be a feat and messy if you’re using a stainless steal polish. Years ago I discovered Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner wipes and have been using and loving them ever since.

connoisseurs jewelry cleaner

The Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner is a cheap pack of very dry wipes that I use to clean my sterling silver earrings. I keep them in my jewelry drawer and give my earrings or necklaces a quick polish when they need them. The wipes never go bad – I’ve had this pack in my drawer for at least a year, and they clean a ton of pieces with just one cloth! There is zero mess or wetness using them!

how to clean sterling silver jewelry steps

Take a look at some of my jewelry that needed polishing. It took me less than one minute to polish each of these pieces!

  1. Pull a wipe from the Connoisseurs wipe box.
  2. Lightly rub cloth around the jewelry pieces. I push a little harder for very tarnished areas, or where there are grooves.
  3. Keep the wipe if you hardly used it, or toss it!
  4. That’s it! This isn’t rocket science! No rinsing needed!

why clean sterling silver yourself?

Guys. If you take it to a jeweler you’re going to pay a fortune. This pack of wipes cost all of $10 and will clean your jewelry several times over. This stuff works and it also cleans gold. I’ve been using it on my fancy David Yurman or Tiffany pieces for ten years, so I can attest that this stuff will not damage your jewelry! Of course, don’t sue me if you do something weird! But from my experience with my most prized jewelry pieces, I’ve had nothing but amazing experiences with the Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner wipes! $10? All day!


If you don’t think you’ll be cleaning in bulk, you can always grab a pair of scissors and cut the wipes in quarters or halves. I tend to use the whole cloth because I think it’s easier to grip. I’ll clean three or four different items in one cleaning session. These wipes aren’t wet so if you do want to put it back in the box if you didn’t use the whole wipe that work fine, too!

cleaning cloths


Easy ways to clean sterling silver quickly.

Clothes for Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Cleaning tarnished silver jewelry.How to clean sterling silver David Yurman bracelet.How to clean sterling silver jewelry with Connoisseurs jewelry cleaner.Tarnished David Yurman Bracelet


before and after using sterling silver cleaner

Look at both this necklace and pair of earring studs. I clean only one side of each so you could see a great before and after of how the shine was restored! On each the necklace and the earring, the tarnished portion on the left side, and the polished on the right side! Everything looks brand new in less than a minute!


How to clean tarnished Tiffany necklace.

How to clean tarnished Tiffany Earring sterling silver studs.

These wipes are ridiculously cheap. Pick up a pack here and you’ll have pretty jewelry for the next year!

photos by KVC Photography.

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