Soft pink peony blooms in Waterford Vase. How to cut peony blooms.

How to Preserve Peonies


  1. Wow Kelly! I have never had success with peonies in GA. I have found three years is the magic number for plants to really show off and thrive. What I’d like to know is, how many plants gave you that many blooms? Where do you have them planted? Are they protected? Do you cover them for frost warnings? Do the bunnies like them?

    1. Hi Shannon: I’m up here in southern Ontario. We can sometimes have very mild Winters with very little snow (wore my boots twice one particular Winter) and have hot, humid Summers ranging from say, 87F to 93F. This past Summer was very uncomfortable with a few days reaching 100F. I had a gorgeous bed of peonies at my last house (now in a condo); I never covered them and rabbits leave them alone. In the Fall, the rule of thumb is … when the stalks have turned brownish and look half dead, cut the stalks down to about 4” and leave them alone, no Winter covering, it’s not necessary. They come up every Spring, healthy and ready to bloom again. If you forget to cut them back in the Fall, it doesn’t seem to matter. I forgot a few times and still had masses of beautiful blooms. I hope this helps answer your question.

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How to Preserve Peonies