How to hang a Vintage Hermes Scarf.

Functional Custom Framing

Teal and pink Hermes Scarf

Acrylic Frames with Magnets

Custom framing can be expensive. I think it’s worth the investment because your walls tell the story of your home.

However, I’ve come up with three tricks to allow a custom frame to be changeable. Then you’ll get mileage for your money.

This is the first of those ideas. I came up with this idea when I wanted to hang this gorgeous Hermes scarf I purchased.

I knew I wouldn’t wear it every day, and it’s too pretty to sit in a drawer. The display systems sold especially for displaying scarves were crazy expensive. So I came up with my own scarf hanger.

It’s an art hanging system that uses acrylic frames with magnets. So get our your Hermes vintage scarf or special display item- we are making an easy display!

Teal and pink Hermes Scarf and how to create a scarf hanger.

What You’ll Need for Art Hanging System

A frame large enough to showcase a scarf you have. You can buy one at Homegoods, use one you may have, it doesn’t matter. Metal strips from hardware store that can be screwed into the frame.

Magnets used to hang scarfs on with art hanging system.

Similar Magnets I Used

How to Make the Scarf Hanger

Screw the metal strips on the back of the frame all along the outline of the opening.You really want these spaced about an inch apart for the best versatility.When it’s done, lay the scarf on the metal gently and apply the magnets.

The best part? You don’t have to use this frame for just artwork! You could easily put photos in this and display the same way! You can swap them out whenever you want by pulling the magnets off!

I also plan to add in different fabric samples that I have, wallpaper scraps that are cool and I once displayed my Granny’s apron by carefully mounting the magnets in the right place. This is why having the magnetic strips spaced so close together and all around helps with displaying things.

Bluegraygal showing cool way to display a scarf with acrylic frames with magnets
How to hang a Vintage Hermes Scarf.

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