Custom Drapery Made Easy – The Shade Store Review

Drapery, to me, is the finishing touch. They are the earrings that frame your face and salt that makes your recipe go from nice to amazing. They are everything.

I’ve wanted drapery since I was a young adult, dying to be a real adult (for the record, I’m still wondering why I wanted to be a real adult but that’s another rant for another time). When my husband and I purchased our first home, guess what my first purchase was? Custom drapery. I built our home around the look of the gorgeous silk fabric. So many friends had beautiful homes, but they would ask why their home didn’t look finished? It’s because they hadn’t put on their rooms earrings!

To help demonstrate why they are worth investing in I would share with them my family room before and after drapery was installed.



Photo: Jessie Preza

Wow! The entire room came to life with those blue print drapes!

We had an amazing interior designer pull together our current home, but I designed our children’s rooms myself. As their Mommy, it was important to me since I know them best. For our boys Star Wars room I wanted a great Roman shade that was less expensive than the work room my designer used, but still had a custom look. More importantly, I wanted them quickly. I came across The Shade Store online and tried them out.  The company gave me quick pricing, shipped free fabric swatches, and everything was installed in under three weeks start to finish. My husband hung them because it was so easy. You can see those images on this posting. I was very impressed.

When it came time to design our daughter’s room, I knew I was going right back to The Shade Store for her new drapery.

The goal:

  1. Remove plantation shutters to allow more light in.
  2. Give her privacy and black out protection; both for sleeping at night and to protect against the sun and save on energy bill.
  3. Let her have a chance to pick the main fabric. I would design the room around the fabric she fell in love with that spoke to her.

Here is her room before we started.

girls hot pink bedroom with flower drapery and window seat

Here’s what the room looks like now:

The Shade Store review

Window treatment products used:

  • Cornices in Glade Dotkat Fabric
  • Drapery – Pinch Pleat Drapery in White Cotton with a Border in Glade Dotkat Fabric
  • Roman Shades – Flat Roman Shade in White Cotton with a Border in Glade Dotkat Fabric



The Shade Store

Are Window treatments expensive? Yes, they can be. Do they have a huge impact on a room? Absolutely. Do you replace them often? No. Which is why it’s crucial that you choose treatments that you can live with for a long time.

With that being said, the way to do so is to make sure they are properly measured and installed. Window treatments can also solve various problems around the home. Are you looking to block the sun and protect your interiors and artwork? Do you have a small child who naps during the day and need blackout shades to help? The customization options from The Shade Store allow you to tailor your window treatments to any budget and your needs to make a better home for you and your family.

The entire process was seamless, just as it was the first time I used this company. The only difference is that first time around I did it all over the phone and internet. This time I went to one of the two Atlanta locations to show our daughter her options in person. There are 47 stores throughout the country.

I made a video to help show how fun the process was!

My sister wants window treatments but she’s stumped. Luckily, there’s a store in Florida near by where she can call. However, if she couldn’t I would fully recommend calling the nearest store and having them help you. They give you unlimited free swatches from an exclusive collection of 900+ materials, and can help you visualize what the room should look like. Here’s a drawing of what they did for our daughter to make sure she was happy with it before they were purchased.

how to choose drapery

If I haven’t sang the praises enough in this The Shade Store review, here are more reasons to shop there:

  • All window products made in USA. It is a third generation, family owned business who believe in great customer service.
  • Everything is hung and tested before they ship to make sure you get an amazing final product.
  • Access to designer consultants who are trained in this trade and can help you over the phone or email to put together options, mock-ups and help you through every step.
  • Not happy with them? They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty. They will do everything they can to make you happy with your investment.
  • Yes, they do work with the trade, but if you don’t have an interior designer they give you access to materials otherwise only available to an interior designer
  • They have a network of measure and installation professionals.
  • All drapes ship FREE in 10 days or less.


The box of drapes arrived! Woo hoo!

Guys. I stand behind this company. I believe in them and after using them twice I can tell you from experience that they rock my world. I love a well run company. I love family run companies. I love supporting them. And when they meet all those requirements and exceed my expectations, I feel it’s my duty to pass on the word.

Now what are you waiting for? Your entire family is coming to Thanksgiving and you need drapery!


* I did receive complimentary drapery in exchange for this unbiased The Shade Store review. HOWEVER, I paid for them for my boys room and went back to The Shade Store because of how impressed I was with the company. I stand behind this company 100%.


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