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I’m on a mission to organize our garage. Why? It’s the first thing I see when I pull into our home. The garage sets my frame of mind. If it’s a hot mess I’m immediately enraged and my head explodes with frustration. If it’s tidy, clean and organized I’m inspired to take that clean state of mind and….walk into a messy kitchen (children, sigh. The gerbil wheel that is life.)

I’m sharing with you the steps I’m taking to organize our garage. I hope it inspires you to clean up your storage space. Organization helps you mentally, and saves you so much time by knowing where things are!

step 1: install garage flooring

My first step to organize my garage organization was to have a garage floor epoxy floor installed by Granite Garage Floors. Why? The garage is a room, isn’t it? Shouldn’t it have a cleanable floor like wood floors or a rug to vacuum like everything else? Yes, cement is fine. Not knocking that. But in the quest to make this garage function as a part of the house, the floor made a huge difference in laying the groundwork (ba dum bum) for a clean storage workroom.

you get what you pay for

Eight years ago when we moved into our home, the garage floor was cement. My husband wanted to have it painted, so he hired someone to use DIY store paint epoxy and put some speckles on it to give it a look. Did it look alright? Sure. Did it last? Nope. Within two weeks it was chipping off, the cement was coming off in huge chunks and it almost immediately looked like a mess. The guy tried to fix it – did that work? Nope, again. Basically, waisted money and time because then the holes looked worse than if we had left it cement.

Here is my garage floor before we started over. Remember, this is what I had paid a lot of money for years ago. It wasn’t cheap, but it was cheaply done. We didn’t know any better to ask the companies if they use the right products. Now we do! We used Granite Garage Floors after they came highly recommended to us.

Example of our floor before the DIY paint:

Our floor after DIY paint with chunks of cement pulled out everywhere:

Chipped garage floor
Gross Garage Floors
Chipped garage floor

why granite garage floors is different:

This time around I hired Granite Garage Floors to be done the right way.

Granite Garage Floors focuses a ton on prepping the surface and using the best materials available. This is moi importante for a cement floor to be guaranteed against peeling or hot-tire pick-up.

Granite Garage floors

garage floor epoxy installation process

The whole process to have my garage installed took less than two working days. On the first day they grinded the floor with a diamond floor grinder. Then all dust was vacuumed up.

atlanta epoxy garage floors-10
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atlanta epoxy garage floors-7
atlanta epoxy garage floors-5
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Then they poured the garage floor epoxy all over the space. Th epoxy used is low VOC and LEED compliant and manufactured in the United States from several leading polymer suppliers. They pour their secret sauce onto the concrete floor and apply evenly using a squeegee. It looked so pretty being spread around!

Garage Floor Color options. Beach Sand.
Expoxy Garage floors. Installation process.
Garage floor paint and expoxy.
Garage organization project.

Decorative polymer chips were then applied. There are lots of colors to choose from for your garage floor. Get ready to be all designer-y! You can create the look of Granite, Quartz, or Terrazzo.

The final step for garage floor epoxy is to seal the decorative chips into place and create an extremely durable protective clear coat. This also creates an anti-slip grip to floor. The anti-grip slip is super important. That junk DIY paint made me slip and fall so many times. My kids fell, too if they got out of the car with even slightly damp feed. Not good! Now we no longer slip – in fact just the opposite. There is a nice firm grip to floor.

Garage Floor Color Beach Sand.
Garage Floor Color Beach Sand.


Once it’s done, let it dry baby, let it dry. You can walk on it with light foot traffic after 24 hours. But don’t pull your cars in for about seven full days. 

Granite Garage Floors rocks my world. You can find them in a ton of cities. Ours has been installed for six months and it’s incredible. It looks gorgeous, we’ve had zero issues with it and it’s so cleanable! We have a beautiful garage now. Stay tuned for future posts to see how I started organizing it! Sign up for my newsletter here. 


Granite Garage Floors Locations:

garage floor now

Here is what my garage floor looks like now. Wow! Yes, you are seeing some new additions to it, too. 🙂 Told you, sign up for my newsletter so you’ll know when those details get posted!

Atlanta Garage Floors
Atlanta Garage Floors
Garage Organization
Garage Organization with garage floor epoxy.

My garage floor color is Beach Sand.

Thanks Granite Garage Floors! Call them – you’ll be so happy with their work!


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