Succulents in Containers

For the areas in your outdoor areas that get little water, but you want lots of color, try these succulent containers! We’ve struggled to have anything grow in these pots by our pool. We use drip irrigation. The hose is attached to the sprinkler system, so when the sprinklers run the containers get watered. However, in our first home, before we had a sprinkler system, but husband went to Home Depot and attached a timer and drip irrigation system to our hose. It worked great!

For inspiration, I’m sharing our succulent containers, along with the “recipe” to create them for your home!

Pool Flower Container Ideas. If you're looking for flower ideas by your pool in hot areas, then look at these gorgeous succulent planters!
Create succulents container gardens with a mix of various succulents and even flowering succulent plants!
Succulents container ideas. Terra cotta outdoor planters.
Succulents container ideas with flowering succulents.

Plants Used

  • Purslane (flowering succulents)
  • Sedums
  • Echeverias
  • Jade
  • Desert Rose
  • Hens and Chicks
  • Portylacaria Afra
  • Green Prince
Flowering Succulents full of color that don't require much water or care at all. Drought tolerant container planters.
Have a planters that get little water? This bowl of succulents is what you're looking for! Beautiful outdoor planter of succulents.
Succulent container garden pictures. Container planters for by the pool.
Drought tolerant container planters for high heat areas.

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