Choosing a New Mattress

Ahhh…. sleep. So important, so needed, so…. hard to get when your house and life is upside down! During our renovation, my husband and I have moved into our guest room. Thankfully, it’s a beautiful bedroom. We have the original Stearns & Foster mattress in it. It’s the one we bought as newlyweds almost 15 years ago and it was in need of replacement.

Enter our new Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Plush mattress! It’s amazing! We are sleeping like a baby (as long as the jackhammer guy has gone home for the day) and getting great sleep so we (by we, I mean I, can manage the house remodel! Husband goes to work to pay for it – which means he definitely needs his sleep!)

Pros and cons of Stearns and Foster mattress.
Stearns and Foster Luxe Mattress
Stearns and Foster lux estate reviews for new mattress.
Stearns and Foster mattress in guest bedroom of lifestyle blogger, Kelly Page, for BlueGrayGal.

I chose the Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Plush mattress because I like soft mattresses, but not too soft. I so opted to not get the pillow top. This one is exactly what we like to sleep on! Stearns & Foster mattresses are handcrafted and the company takes pride in their work. They offer mattresses for everyone’s sleeping preference. I do have to say that this mattress does tend to mold and envelope your body. So if you at all like firm mattresses, this isn’t the model for you. They offer the Estate Lux in firm options as well!

Because this is our guest room, I styled my Stearns & Foster mattress with all-white linens. I just love the hotel vibe of clean, white linens. They feel luxurious to me! 

How long does a stearns and foster mattress last
mattress reviews
How long does a Stearns and Foster mattress last?
mattress reviews

When this renovation is over (going on month four now) and I reluctantly leave this amazing mattress, we can’t wait to host friends and family in our newly remodeled home! My only fear is that when they sleep on this bad boy they won’t leave! And while I love my friends and family, we’ve had enough people in our home during the renovation to last me a while, ha!

Deluxe Estate mattress review.

Namaste guys. Your girl is comfy and cozy now – you definitely need a Stearns & Foster Lux Estate mattress! With school and holiday chaos about to start, it’s time to catch some quality zzz’s on a new Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Mattress! Then again, it’s never not the time for quality sleep! You owe it to yourself!

Thank you, Stearns & Foster for gifting me this mattress. I slept on it for a month before writing my honest review, and I love it!

Find the perfect Stearns & Foster mattress for you!

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Choosing a New Mattress