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my blue themed Christmas tree received a major honor

I am honored, humbled and seriously proud to be featured in for the beautiful blue themed Christmas tree I designed for my home last year. It’s covered in blue glass Christmas ornaments. The blue glass Christmas ornaments are from Frontgate, but if you visit this post you’ll find some more great blue tree ornaments I found online at lower price points.  When you visit to see my feature you’ll see some other gorgeous ideas and inspiration for what Christmas decorations 2017 has to offer!

christmas decorations blue

My vision was for a beautiful blue Christmas tree in my favorite color to coordinate with our home. This was the first time I had a second tree in our home so I wanted it to be one of those “catalog” style trees.

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blue glass christmas ornaments

The ornaments on my tree are from Frontgate. I love their holiday collections for color cohesiveness. If you visit my full blog post, I found some other great more affordable options that still give you a gorgeous look!

christmas decorations 2017

Tips for decorating:

  1. Pick a color scheme you want to add to your collection.
  2. Use that color scheme in one place and in one room. For example, if it’s a wreath, use those wreaths on your front door with no other colors.
  3. Use wrapping paper in coordinating colors to up the impact!
  4. Shop early to get the best choice of decor. It goes quickly!
  5. Flocked trees are very in right now! Blue works beautifully with this style of tree!

blue tree ornaments

Yes, glass is gorgeous. But it can be everyone’s nightmare when young kids or animals are involved! There are some gorgeous shatterproof alternatives that will make you stress less!

Here are some pretty alternatives to blue glass Christmas ornaments.










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  1. Avatar November 17, 2017 / 9:56 pm

    Hi Kelly, thank you for such a thought out blog. You give out great information and pictures. I love your blue tree and decor. You stated blue looks good on a flocked tree I agree. I would love to have a flock tree but there kind of expensive. When and where is the best time to purchase a flock tree if at all?
    Thanks! Keep up with the great work.

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