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how Knock is changing the housing market in atlanta

What if I were to tell you that you could sell your house in six weeks or less? And that the timeframe would be guaranteed in our housing market in Atlanta? I know. That’s a pipe dream, right? Or is it? There’s a new company in Atlanta that will make this happen. Knock is breaking through the traditional real estate walls making it crazy easy and way less stressful to sell your house. Atlanta housing market? We are in for a treat. 

the struggle is real

Does your Husband have a job in a new city and you’re stuck packing and keeping the house clean? All while  three kids constantly mess it up? That’s awful.

Did every Aunt, Cousin and Nephew just call to say they are coming for Thanksgiving and you’re not in your new, larger home yet? Yuck.

Are you expecting children this fall and have no backyard for them to play in because you can’t sell your house? Been there and that’s downright terrible.

Midi length ruffle off shoulder dress in blue.

Move on and live your best life!

my story

Here’s my own personal story. In 2010 when the real estate market was crawling it’s way out of the Atlanta housing market slump, my husband and I were expecting our identical boys. Our daughter was nearly three years old. He was/is an entrepreneur so life was…how do I say this nicely….chaotic. We knew that we needed a larger home to fit our soon to be larger family. We lived in a townhouse with zero front or back yard and not nearly enough closet space!

We found our dream home more quickly than planned and bought it. Hand on the Bible I threw up in the shower immediately after giving the verbal agreement to buy it. And not from pregnancy nausea. What in the world were we doing? Buying a new house before we sold our current one? And with two babies on the way? Oh, and due at Thanksgiving just in time for the holidays and lovely Atlanta winter?

Insanity. I cried from stress. I cried a lot.

my housing market in atlanta experience

We didn’t sell our old home for nearly eight long months. We carried two mortgages. Super awesome. We rocked two babies and read our older daughter stories, all while clenching our jaw from stress. More awesome. Oh, and this was the winter when all of Atlanta was frozen in by the ice storm! So do you think anyone was looking for a new house? NO! That’s a big fat NO!

This is why I would have given my right arm to have hired Knock – well maybe my right leg. I needed both arms to feed the kids!

Knock would have allowed us to know that we would be out of our first home in six weeks or less. Guaranteed. We could have planned a move. Can you imagine actually planning selling your home within a timeframe? Amazing.

Knock would have let us schedule selling our home, be in our new home before the boys were born, have time to unpack and still be ready to welcome visitors for Thanksgiving. We wouldn’t have had to carry two mortgages and the stress would have been way less. We actually could have enjoyed welcoming our new babies!

And had we wanted, we could have sold our house instantly to Knock to save us any trouble of keeping the house clean or having people come look at the house! We could have avoided the housing market in Atlanta altogether!


Right now, Knock is available in the Atlanta market. Lucky, lucky us! 

key highlights!

    1. The sale of your house is guaranteed.
    2. Ready to upgrade or downsize? Knock actually allows you to trade in for a new house – the way you would with a car! They even help you find and secure your dream home!
    3. You choose your close dates. So, if you need a bit of extra time in the house, you’ve got it.
    4. Need repairs, but don’t have the resources? No problem. They manage and pay upfront for up to $10,000 in repairs and you just settle with them when you close!
    5. Knock gives you answers quickly. After filling out their online form, they will make an offer within minutes.


bluegraygal Kelly Page in Pelican Pool float in post about the atlanta housing market

A big cheers to that!

So Atlanta, friends. Please check out Knock. Even if you’re considering moving, it’s worth finding out more about how Knock can help in our Atlanta housing market. And if you are ready to move, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste time hiring multiple agents, playing the waiting game and living the stress. Life is crazy enough and the holidays are coming – ready or not!

Learn more about Knock here!

This could be you in your new home. I’ll bring over a bottle of wine to help you celebrate. Pelican optional (though I highly recommend one.)

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