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Most of you who follow my blog know I’ve been rehabbing from a trampoline accident that resulted in knee surgery. The rehab has taken a lot out of me and my creativity and energy level for this blog has been zapped. I am working my darnedest to get better and back to my beloved space on the internet!

In the meantime, I’m watching a lot of TV and seeing a lot of movies. Ha! Here are my current fav’s in case you’re looking for something good to sink your brain into!

series & documentaries

  1. Dirty Money – fascinating Netflix documentary series exposing corrupt industries. I’m a documentary lover and this is a good one. Great opening show about the Volkswagen craziness! I just started this series and it’s very well done.
  2. Schitts Creek – downright hysterical show! Super funny and just something that will take your mind off of life! It’s written and produced by Eugene Levy and his son. Catherine O’Hara is also in it. It’s very Best in Show, if you remember that movie, in it’s humor. I adore it!
  3. The Crown – Beautiful to watch, juicy gossip about the royal marriage and fantastic history. I’m madly in love and pretty much think Princess Margaret is the bomb.com.
  4. Ozark – Shiver me timbers this series scared me half to death but I couldn’t look away. Fabulous series! And filmed in Georgia!
  5. Getting to Zero  – documentary my husband and I just watched about shorting Herbalife. If you enjoy financial documentaries (and I so do) this is a good one.
  6. Silicon Valley – Guys, this movie is my marriage. I’m married to a computer nerd and I can related to every single character in this absolutely hysterical show. My husband and I can hardly breathe from laughing so hard sometimes when we watch!

movies out now

  1. The Greatest Showman – I dare you to not smile, tap your feet and fall in love with this movie! No, it’s not historically accurate, but then it’s about a showman so they put a showman’s twist on the history and a polished shine to what is/was a controversial form of entertainment. The  soundtrack is playing in my house everyday. I even went back a second time to take my kids – who loved it, as well!
  2. The Darkest Hour – If you’re a history buff and lover of fantastic acting then you must-see-this-movie. Postively fantastic movie about Winston Churchill. Highly recommend! One of best movies I’ve seen in a long time!
  3. I, Tonya – Good movie. Brace yourself to hear the ‘f word’ a solid 836 times and that’s a conservative estimate, but I really enjoyed the movie! Maybe wait for it to be on demand, but worth watching for sure.

delicious garbage

  1. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Go ahead, make fun. God help me I love this series, and this cast is my personal favorite. I admit to loving me some Erika Jayne, making fun of Lisa Rhinna and rolling my eyes everytime Dorit says “PK.” Side note – how in the world does Dorit change her hair that much? I keep looking for the wig but I can’t find it!


recommendations, anyone? I have a solid 7 months left of rehab!


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My favorite TV series in 2017 and good movies to watch in 2018 that are worth your time and money at the movie theater!


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  1. Avatar February 7, 2018 / 3:22 am

    I’ve enjoyed some of the same things you have mentioned. If you like scary movies, we just saw the movie Winchester. It was pretty good! Helen Meryin is in it. She can play anything. So talented. Love The Crown ???? My guilty pleasure is The Real Housewives. Yes I watch almost all of them. But instead of a guilty pleasure, I sometimes just feel guilty for watching. Some of these women are pure trash. And for the life of me don’t understand why would you go on TV and air your dirty laundry if you have secrets or skeletons in your closet? Thanks, Kelly it’s been lovely reading your newsletter and posts.????

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