how bluegraygal came to be

Lifestyle blogger Kelly Page of Atlanta. Created of lifestyle blog, bluegraygal.

It’s been over two years since I started this lifestyle blog. Even using the phrase “lifestyle blog” makes me chuckle. When I came up with the name, bluegraygal, I had no intention of even having a blog. So many people agonize over their lifestyle blog names. This whole crazy adventure started as an Instagram experiment to see what the whole economy and buzz around Instagram was.

Three days after creating my Instagram page my kitchen was featured by one of the biggest home feeds on Instagram and voila – I had a following! A few months later I decided to start a formal website. Not even knowing what “lifestyle blogs” were I started my website with an intention to share what I’ve learned, document my interests and see where the road would take me.

Not long after beginning bluegraygal in 2016 I created this introduction video of who I am. This video is actually what got me the opportunity to be a recurring guest on the NBC Atlanta morning show. I thought I would re-share it. So much has changed since this the video was created. Not just in terms of my business but in terms of the woman I’m becoming as a result of it.

I often think of myself as the most confident insecure person you’ll ever meet! 🙂 While I’ve always been self assured, opinionated and steadfast in my beliefs, I very often (too often) place my worth in what others think of me, second guess myself and my abilities.

Through the journey of this lifestyle blog, sharing my thoughts, hearing yours, and putting my voice out into the world this blog has changed me. I’ve learned to stand taller, walk prouder and find a bit more sense of self approval. None of us are immune to insecurity.

This forum, and you wonderful followers who read silently or send me messages, have all helped transform me. It’s a feeling I wish for every woman. The journey to self acceptance is one worth fighting for.

Without further ado, here’s a (little too long, I’m sorry) video about who I am and how this blog came to me. I invite you to join me via newsletter.

Thank you, from the very bottom of my heart, for being a part of this. may 2018 treat you well!

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  • Pam Chappell
    January 20, 2018

    Hi Kelly! I just finished watching your video. You are an amazing woman. You’ve had such an incredible life (so far)! I have enjoyed watching you and “talking” with you on Instagram. You have amazing taste. I too have indentical twin boys mine are almost 23 now. I also have two older boys 27 & 25. You are so lucky to have a daughter. I kinda missed out on that. Your daughter is adorable ?and your twins ?? oh boy that picture brought back memories. You are a lovely woman and very kind. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to read my messages I’ve sent you on Instagram. Your lovely face is filled with joy and you have a very sweet spirit. I know you’re busy and recovering from knee surgery and it looks like it’s been quite hard on you. I know I’m a stranger on Instagram 1984pjc but I really do enjoy all you have to share. I wish for you only the best and will continue to support and admire your beautiful ideas on all things bluegraygal. Hopefully you are feeling a bit better about your recovery. Remember everything worth doing take time. ?

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how bluegraygal came to be

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