Kids melting down on Main Street at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Funny tips from a Mom on how to plan a trip to Disney.

disney tips from a pro!


  1. cute Kelly! we are heading back in May…our mantra, don’t try to squeeze too much in. We plan to go a few times over the years while the kids are still into it and that means, make the most of the time there but realize that hotel pools are also magical places for little kids. Calling it an early park day before the 5th meltdown occurs…worth it, even if they don’t see EVERYTHING it will still be great!

    1. GREAT mantra! I totally agree. I’ve always done same thing and try to do the top three priority items FIRST. That way the rest of the day is just gravy if we don’t get to it! Hotel pools are totally magical – couldn’t agree more!! The one thing I remind myself (like, almost every day) is that it isn’t the activity that makes them happy – it’s YOU being happy. If Mama ain’t happy….ha! Totally easier said than done though, right?! Good advice, Katie! Thank you!!! And thanks for reading! xoxo!

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disney tips from a pro!