Blue wall paint and soft decor in this Atlanta home design.

Light Blue Gray Paint Color


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and your house is beautiful!!! For your sunroom, where did you find the fabric for your drapes? They are beautiful. My husband and I just moved into our second home, and this one is going to be a work in progress, most likely room by room. There are so many good paint colors out there, that it’s so hard to decide. Thank you for posting paint colors! I look forward to seeing your rooms ?

    1. Hi Kristie! Thanks for following along!!! Unfortunately, my drapes are custom. The brand is called Travers. I just posted a post with 3 tips I learned from interior designers that you may enjoy since you’re designing a new house! Welcome to my site, lady! I hope you’ll stick around! Thanks for writing!

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Light Blue Gray Paint Color