Orchids are mystical flowers – there are more than 25,000 different orchid species throughout the world, and are grown on every continent, even Antarctica! But to grow these gorgeous blooms takes a lot of patience and perfect conditions. If you planted an orchid from the seed, you wouldn’t see your first flowers until five-seven years later! But once they are alive, they can live over 100 years when properly cared for. Thankfully, a faux orchid is a little different…

I don’t know about you guys, but I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands! Yes, I do have some real orchids that grow beautifully in our family room’s bright indirect light, but not enough to make that much of an impact. Nor the kind of year-round impact I’d like to see when I sit in on my couch every night! No sir, I like beautiful blooms with minimal needs. Which is exactly why I’ve turned to fake orchids.

Faux Orchid



I love silk flowers. All the look, none of the hassle! If you buy good ones, no one will ever know they are faux! Faux real!

I have my faux orchid styled in our family room sitting atop of THIS ACRYLIC CONSOLE. I love the mix of the modern edge of the furniture piece mixed with the pattern of the drapery (SIMILAR DRAPERY HERE) and the blue and white ceramic pot. The window light helps make the illusion of the fake orchid being alive complete!

Use a large container that matches your decor better to place on a large console or on your kitchen counter, or opt for a smaller vessel to place in more intimate spots around your home like he entryway or a nightstand. Also, find the bloom color that makes you smile the most. White white petals are timeless, the deep pinks, oranges, and yellows can often bring just the right pop of color. Always buy what you love best!


Lifestyle blogger Kelly Page for BlueGrayGal shares how she styles a fake orchid on an acrylic console table. This Frontgate orchid has blue and white ceramic pot with white flowers surrounded by blue draperies. The faux orchid plant sits in a living room setting for easy plant care.

Finding your Fake Orchid Style

The blue and white ceramic pots to hold orchids have long been a timeless and classic look fitting into a lot of different interior design styles. But lately, this look is having its moment in the sun due to its effortless class but the incorporation of two very on-trend colors of blue and white. You can’t go wrong by adding a little old-world charm to your fake orchid decor, but if that look isn’t for you there are plenty of options.

A perfect fit

Keep reading for more faux flower use ideas!

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