3 unique ways to display ornaments

trees aren’t the only thing worthy of unique ornaments!

Unique ornaments are treasures. I am so taken by Christmas glass ornaments and fall in love with the detail and design of them. Of course, the homemade ones are the closest to my heart, but I love ornaments so much that I don’t think they should be restricted to the tree only! I’m sharing a few ways I have created ways to add an ornaments display stand in surprising places! While Christmas ornaments are at home in a tabletop ornament hanger, let’s see what other fun places we can find to let them shine!

Creative ways to hang Christmas ornaments during the holidays.

creative ornament display stand with christmas glass ornaments

My favorite way to display unique ornaments is on this Manzanita Branch centerpiece I created in our formal dining room. My children and I decorate for every holiday. Be sure you get my newsletter so you can see how it changes throughout the year!

My Christmas glass ornaments are from the Frontgate holiday collection. They do a beautiful job of building a versatile and timeless collections.

beyond the tabletop ornament hanger

This year I decided to hang my ornaments from my two foyer sconces. I thought it would be a pretty way to enjoy them walking up the staircase. I added a twig of garland and a few snips off a holiday tree pick. Add a ribbon and voila! An easy but beautiful ornament display stand on the wall!

For our kitchen I chose to have the ornaments floating above us. I used one rustic artificial garland strand to create a minimal effect and draped the ornaments around each lightbulb. It’s delicate yet festive!

Ornament hanging from light fixture. Silver sconce with shade.

How to decorate a kitchen for Christmas.White kitchen table with light blue chairs with railheads.How to hang ornaments from a light fixture.

tabletop ornament hanger options

unique ornaments I love

Garland in light fixture in kitchen for Christmas. Light blue upholstered chair and white pedestal kitchen table.Gold glass ornaments and gingerbread house on kitchen table.

unique ornament I love

pretty ornament hanger

manzanita branch urn I use

blue Christmas tree decor and light blue sweater and tulle dress.

CLICK HERE to see my beautiful blue and gold Christmas tree decor!

Christmas centerpiece idea. Manzanita branch centerpiece with ornaments hanging from them on a round dinner table.

Ornaments inside a custom white china cabinet.

I was featured in a Frontgate blog post on how to display ornaments in unique ways. See how the beautiful bloggers I was humbled to be grouped with hang theirs!

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