3 products to create a manzanita centerpiece!

Since I started blogging one of the most commented on home decor item in our home is about our versatile Dining Room centerpiece, so I thought I would share how to create a manzanita centerpiece for your home. I was originally inspired to create this Dining Room manzanita centerpiece after seeing so many wedding decorations online with them! The look was actually done in replacement of a chandelier in order to fill the large space of the room that doesn’t (yet!) have a chandelier. However, it’s become a favorite in our home for it’s versatility and looks great as a centerpiece for a dining room table. I’m sharing some photos here of the ways I decorate it throughout the year.

3 products you need for manzanita branches display:

  1. Very sturdy ceramic urn. I use this Pottery Barn Tuscan Urn.
  2. Branches from Manzanita trees – lots! I purchased mine from Bloom & Branches.
  3. Moss (optional) and newspaper (again, optional) but it finishes they help with support and giving a finished look.

size branches I use:

Keep in mind, I have 25′ ceilings and wanted a lot of height. If you want to save money, I recommend buying shorter branches and filling the bottom of the urn with newspaper to give you bonus height and support.

other manzanita branches retailers:


fun elements to add:


Manzanita Branches used as dining room centerpiece for round dining room table. White urns filled with branches and gold ribbon detail wrapped around urns.Centerpiece for round dining room table. Manzanita branch centerpiece idea. Christmas centerpiece idea. Manzanita branch centerpiece with ornaments hanging from them on a round dinner table.

Setting a round table with fall decorations

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  • Sara
    November 15, 2020

    hi there – I was wondering how big is the foyer table? we have a pretty big entrance and I want a very large table as well. So just wondering what size yours is. great blog. thank you.

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