paint color series – brushed aluminum

Atlanta blogger Kelly Page in her Dining Room setting a Thanksgiving table decor. Paint series blog about colors used in her home with examples of what blue and gray paint colors look like. Thanksgiving tablescape on round dining room table and white mantle with artwork by Mallory Page.

I get asked a lot about the paint colors used throughout our home. I’m beginning a paint color series that lists all paint colors used along with examples of how they look both with natural lighting and without. I’m starting with the primary color in our home, Benjamin Moore Brushed Aluminum.

one cohesive color

Our very talented interior designer, Alicia Weaver, taught me that you need to come up with a coherent paint color scheme. She advised me to not “stamp” paint colors. Meaning, don’t use a bunch of colors throughout the home. Pick one neutral color you like and apply it everywhere. This will lead to a cohesive look in your home.

Because lighting changes the color Brushed Aluminum will look a bit different in darker hallways versus rooms flooded in light, but it’s still the same color and still gives you that sense of cohesiveness.

layer the color

You’ll also notice I included a piece of furniture in the details below. We decided to paint my custom buffet console in the same Brushed Aluminum color using a lacquer finish. Alicia had the idea that even though it would be the same color of the wall, the high gloss effect would allow it to stand apart yet look very soft within the room. She was right! She loves to layer the same color which is one of the primary reasons are home feels very thought out.

Add other colors that complement it for certain rooms that need it. I’ll continue to share the other colors in our home.

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brushed aluminum examples

Benjamin Moore Brushed Aluminum 1485 is the primary paint color used in our home. It's a blue gray shade of paint. These are examples of how brushed aluminum looks on a wall in both natural lighting and without. Paint color examples of a neutral paint color 1485. Examples of Brushed Aluminum are provided.

If you have any questions at all please leave them in the comment section below. I read each and every comment and can write you back!

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  1. Betsey
    May 19, 2017 / 6:28 am

    Love the painted piece of furniture in same color. Was this originally a stained piece that you had to sand and prime? Interested in process you followed. Assuming a clear lacquer applied as last coat? Trying to understand if this is reasonable project or requires a professional.

    • Kelly May 19, 2017 / 5:00 pm

      Hi Betsey, it was a from scratch piece – not a refurnished piece. I had a professional build it – I don’t trust my painting skills! I’ve looked into lacquer paint for walls. My understanding is that it needs a lot of coats, spraying the paint and not brush stroking it and lots of time to dry in between. I would call a painter and see what they would charge. I recently had some pieces in my daughter’s room refinished (there is a blog post about this) and it was reasonable. We used a high gloss paint and it came out nice.

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