Why are we remodeling our kitchen?

If you haven’t read the post about our massive remodel project, please do! The big question I get asked a lot is why are we remodeling the kitchen? It looks pretty as it is! Allow me to walk you through the logic behind why we are going through the (insane) effort to do this!

We are the secondary home owners. Our house is 16 years old. This is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in.

Kitchen with faux brick and white cabinetry,

We didn’t have the budget for major changes. And truthfully, we didn’t think it needed changes! We were happy!, We put some money into giving it a face lift that suited our style and aesthetic.

What it looked like after facelift

Painted brick in Kitchen. Huntington Beige paint from Benjamin Moore. Glass lighting fixtures.

What facelift included:

  • Stained pine cabinetry a rich ebony color.
  • Brought cabinetry to ceiling with faux panels.
  • Painted brick.
  • Replaced all lighting fixtures.
  • Changed backsplash.

Lighting fixtures used

Juliska Glass Pendants | Goodman Hanging Pendants

We were very happy with how it turned out. It saved a lot money and accomplished our goal. We saw no need to change anything beyond aesthetics.

Fast forward eight years of living and cooking in the kitchen and it was time for a change. Why are we renovating our kitchen? In one word: functionality. Eight years of of cooking and living in this space everyday made me fine tune how I want the kitchen should function for our family.

What doesn’t function now

Why doesn’t the kitchen function? All of these are “real life” photos, not staged. They were taken a day before demo started!

Take a close look at my primary cooking space on the back island. To the right is a refrigerator (Sub-Zero with cabinet panels) and two pull out freezer drawers. To the left is another refrigerator with two pull out drink drawers.

Straight on view. There are two islands. Range is on back wall.
Kitchen remodel before and after. TV in kitchen with granite countertops.

Functionality issues:

  • Take a look at the sink that’s the “prep” sink by where you cook. It’s a bar sink! So tiny! When we moved in, we decided to live with it rather than go to expense of new countertops. It’s time for a new huge working sink!
  • Where is the dishwasher and trash can? Not anywhere here! Both are on the front island! So to clean and throw food away you carry pots and pans, dripping food, raw chicken goop, etc across the floor and island that leaves more mess to clean.
  • Where are the plates? Not here! They are on the other side of the island. Below the range is a warming drawer. We use it maybe 3 times a year at best.
  • The hood is way too short. I hit my head on it and I’m 5’6. My husband is 6’1 and can’t see at all. Removing it was enormously costly and would have required all new cabinetry so it stayed.
  • In short. The “working space” needed the “working materials.” A large sink, an oven we’d use, a dishwasher, a trash can and a hood you could see under!
  • It’s been 8 years of this, and it’s time for a better work triangle!
Brown granite counter top kitchen remodel.

View of front island where trash, bigger sink and dishwasher are.

Kitchen Remodel 2019 Before Photos-12

Few other bugaboos:

  • Too large of an island – it’s so large you actually can’t use middle area so it’s a lot to clean.
  • We don’t use two ovens very often. Besides, they just broke and are too old to fix. So! Now is a great time to make the change!

Goal for new kitchen

  • Create a warm, cozy, bright, and happy kitchen where my kids will want to hang out and bring their friends over. This is the heart of the home and I have no desire for a perfectly perfect kitchen that feels like you can’t sit down a drink without creating ring marks, or drop a bottle of wine.
  • This room is to be lived in. It’s to be happy in. It’s to work for me (my boys are already pretty darn good chefs and I do love to cook) in flow, design, ease of cooking but getting food on the table easily. And make clean up easy!

The New design

I’ll be doing a separate post on the new design soon! I’ve spent a TON of time thinking through every detail. You get one shot at a kitchen remodel and I want it to be right! I’m ecstatic. Thanks for following my renovation journey!

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    April 3, 2019 / 9:30 am

    Hi Kelly! I have been silently viewing your blog for awhile now and love your style! I am about to begin building a home and can’t wait to get kitchen inspiration from you! I know what I like, but am not the best at figuring out how to bring it all together and look to others who are good at it.

    Have fun, and I look forward to receiving your remodel updates!

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