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My son’s Godmother bought this Turkey on The Table for all three of my children. It’s the cutest turkey with feathers that allow them to use a dry erase marker to write what they are thankful for each day and “stick it in the turkey’s butt” as they say!

why I love this idea

  • While Elf on the Shelf is so super cute (I truly do love it) this is not about working to “get stuff.” This is about pausing to remember what you have and be thankful for it. Turkey on the Table isn’t about getting presents, it’s about remembering you have presents.
  • The turkey is well made (my son asked to sleep with him!) The feathers can be wiped clean to be re-used and it comes with a ton of extra feathers. But even when those stop working, cutting poster board will work just as well.
  • It comes with a very cute book.
  • They’ve partnered with Feeding America so a portion of each purchase goes to that charity.

Funny things to do with family on Thanksgiving.

where to buy turkey on the table

It sold out in many places but it’s still available for sale on Amazon. Click here to purchase it.

I do NOT think this needs to be a Thanksgiving only turkey. If you bought it now then you have an entire holiday season to remind them – yes, gifts are coming. But children, please please please look around you and remember we have so much to be thankful for. Or another fun idea – put it on your table for dinner conversation and let them write their own note to put in their turkeys butt. 🙂 What a cute idea. Way to go ladies who founded this company! I salute you!

when things get awkward

Put on table for Thanksgiving day! Let your guests and family fill out a feather. Good conversation topic for those family members you don’t have much to talk about with (you know it’s true guys, don’t lie. We all have them! Ha.)

Things to do with kids for the holidays. Fun games to play at Thanksgiving with kids and family members. Turkey on the table.

Get the Turkey!

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