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How to Hang Garland on Stone Outside. Front door holiday decorating with wreaths and garland.

Yes, they make door hangers for wreaths. But we have large, tall doors and the length of them just doesn’t cut it so I’ve had to come up with my own way to hang a wreath on a tall door! Besides, I love the grand look of ribbon with a natural wreath!

Use Intricate Ribbon!

Use opulent ribbon. Wrap it around the wreath and bring both ends to the top of the door frame.

Ribbon shown is from Frontgate last year.

Hang ribbon from top of door

Don’t hang the ribbon from the front or back of the door. Use the very top part of the door to secure ribbon.

This creates an invisible hanging wreath effect that has a finished and grand look!

Thumb Tacks

Use simple thumb tacks to secure ribbon to the wood on the top of the door frame.

Hammer the tacks them in to be sure they are nice and snug.

If your ribbon is thin and wreath not that heavy, only two push pins will be needed.

Because the ribbon I’m using is a thick velvet there were a lot more thumb tacks used to keep the fabric down for easy closing of doors.

Organization note: Keep a bag of a lot of thumb tacks where you store your wreath so next year you don’t have to go searching!

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