a ridiculously cute but easy Thanksgiving kids table

Easy Thanksgiving Table for Kids
Turkey Hats for Thanksgiving
A very simple kids Thanksgiving Table
Fun Thanksgiving Day for Kids
Kids Thanksgiving Table Ideas
Hats for Turkey Trots
Kids Thanksgiving

Let me start by thanking my sweet niece, H, for helping her Auntie set the kids Thanksgiving table! Now in all fairness, H was a bit miffed I didn’t bring out the china because in past years I typically do and she loves going to my china cabinet and grabbing all of it (which is adorable), but Auntie had other plans!

This month has been super stressful. Like, off the charts stressful so the last thing my family and I wanted to do was go overboard on decor or wash dishes on Thanksgiving!

So sweet little H was given paper errrything, turkey hats and permission to decorate the kids Thanksgiving table however she pleased! Look what she came up with. How cute is all of this!!!!

So if you’re looking for a cute but super easy kids Thanksgiving table this is your jam. If you’re wanting that perfect Pinterest table with all the fixens sorry, but you’ve come to the wrong place. At this table it’s about fun and no stress!

set the table with these goodies!

Velvet pumpkin centerpieces are from my exclusive collection shoppable at bluegraygalshop.com. And yes, all nieces went home with a few. 🙂


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