Tips for Choosing Cabinetry Hardware

My husband and I are a funny duo when it comes to decorating our house. We have very similar taste (though he does lean a bit more modern than I do.) But for the most part, he likes what I pick out. I show him everything and he nods and goes “Cool, like it. So, what’s for dinner?” 🙂

But he does weigh in heavily on a few things because he appreciates fine craftsmanship. He gets very involved with lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and above all else – cabinetry hardware. 

Kitchen Makeover with hardware from VESTA. Knurled Hardware pulls.

VESTA Hardware

Enter VESTA Hardware. When at the cabinetry showroom, working on the design, they had a long aisle of varying different lines of hardware, all beautiful with very different looks. My husband’s eyes went directly to VESTA hardware and he geeked out. “Kelly! Look at this! Feel how heavy it feels in your hand! Look at the way it’s cut with straight lines but feels rounded in your hand!” 

Watching my husband ooohh and aaahhh over the VESTA cabinetry hardware made me giggle. Not because I think it’s silly but because I, too, love it and I love hearing his point of view, because man, he has one! We are not a case of opposites attracting. We are very similar! Ask us our opinion and we have one! Ha.

Rightfully so he sees the craftsmanship in VESTA hardware. He appreciates the art form!

Knurled Hardware. Choosing cabinet hardware for new remodel in bathroom and kitchen.

It’s a knob, Kelly, really? Why is hardware so important?

Hardware often gets over looked but it’s the jewelry on the cabinetry. It’s what finishes, changes and dictates the final look. Think about this – if you’re doing white cabinetry you can make it instantly look modern with a certain pull or knob, or traditional with another look. It’s like shoes – combat boots totally change a floral dress just like a pair of stilettos do! Both cute looks, but both varying ways to style the same dress!

How I Chose our Hardware

  • Feel in hand takes priority for me. The appliance pulls needs to feel substantial and have a great grip. The knobs need to be easy for me to grasp, especially with kids. I also don’t like hard edges (though my hubby does.) Everyone lives differently, but these were my requirements.
  • Style – oh so important! I thought long and hard about the feeling I want people to have in my home. My goal has always been elegant warmth. There should be a sense of peace and cleanliness to our kitchen – I’m actually a very messy person, so having a clean, simple design helps calm me and encourage me to get rid of the clutter I create! I do want some glam in my home, but not so much you feel like you can’t kick your feet up and hang out. So, the hardware, too, had to convey this feeling.
  • Finish – Did I want shiny brass? Polished nickel? Was I open to mixing metal? All of these factor in to the overall look of the room.

My Cabinetry Hardware Choices

VESTA hardware graciously offered to partner with me on our home remodel. I spent hours (not kidding – hours) looking at their pieces, setting them down next to my chosen fabrics, plumbing fixtures and thinking over and over “is this the vibe I want in this particular room?” I’m excited to share my final VESTA hardware decisions for each room!

How to pick hardware for your home.

Master Bathroom Hardware

Polished Nickel Hardware on white bathroom cabinets.
How to choose bathroom hardware. Mixing pulls and knobs on cabinets.
Unique pulls for bathroom. Hexagon pulls in polished nickel.
Bathroom cabinets with VESTA polished nickel hardware. Elegant hardware with gray marble floor.

Style goal

Luxury. Pure luxury. This is my husbands and my space so kids can take their junk elsewhere! I wanted marble, drapery, a soaking bathtub and a hotel feeling. 

Hardware Choices

Palazzo knobs and pulls. The curve and softness of the Palazzo pulls just feel luxe to me. They are feminine but classic. They scream elegance to me!


We decided on polished nickel for our master bathroom VESTA hardware. It works beautifully with the blue’s and gray’s we used in the marble and had a very traditional look.

In the master bathroom, I am mixing metals by adding lighting fixtures with brass because I just love that. I mix metals with my jewelry and love not being confined to one look. It adds layers and interest mixing metals, as long as you do it in the right way!

Kitchen Hardware

Luxury Hardware made by VESTA hardware. White Dove paint color for cabinetry with quartzite countertop in Taj Majal.
Modern pulls by VESTA. Luxury hardware for home remodel.
VESTA Bronze Pulls. Modern pulls for cabinetry.
Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Taj Mahal quartz and VESTA gold hardware.

Style goal

Elegant warmth. This room needs to function. The pulls and knobs need to be easy to open and close since this is workhorse cabinetry. But the gorgeous designs VESTA hardware also needed to be on display, #obvi.

Hardware Choices

We chose the Insignia pull and the Divina knobs. The Insignia pull is very unique because even though it has angles, it does not have a sharp edge in its feel. VESTA does a beautiful job of making the hardware feel like art in your hard! This merged both my husband’s love of a slightly modern edge with my want for a soft feel.

For the Divina knob, I fell in love with the back of the knob. It’s a subtle look but it gives the knob a little something extra in its appearance!


All satin brass. In this room, we aren’t mixing metals. We are doing nearly all brass fixtures, including lighting, plumbing and cabinetry accents. Our La Cornufe is going to be a stand out focal point and it has both polished and satin brass accents.

The La Cornufe will stand out and steal the show due to its color. The satin brass for the VESTA hardware will act as “the chorus” to the leading actor, and work in beautiful harmony!

Scullery Hardware

Hammered Hardware in bronze gold with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige painted cabinets.
Hammered Hardware in bronze gold with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige painted cabinets.
Hammered Hardware in bronze gold with Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige painted cabinets.
Kitchen Makeover with hardware from VESTA-29

We had an adjoining patio by the kitchen never once touched in nine years. We chose to enclose it as a “kitchen off the kitchen.” Why? Because why not? For those not aware, (I had no idea when we began this project), a work kitchen off of the kitchen is technically called a scullery. It sounds like the most pretentious word on the planet so we playfully use a British accent when we say scullery!

Style goal

The scullery will have its own feeling. It’s where messes can be made, dishes stacked to clean later, juice box drinks and extra milk stored and non-everyday kitchen equipment kept. The toaster and blender will stay on counter for easy access. I’m super excited about having this scullery (if only to hide my clutter before hubby gets home from work – ha!)

For the Scullery vibe, I wanted industrial glam. 


This room is very much mixed metal. All appliances will have stainless steel fronts. The plumbing is stainless, too. However! The VESTA hardware will be satin brass, and the lighting fixtures the same finish.

Hardware Choices

The VESTA Artworth knob and Identity pull. 

The Artworth knob is as cool as it can be with a hammered top. It meshed that perfect glam industrial feel I wanted. I even love the ribbed edge. Just a hint of a modern feel but not too much!

The VESTA Identity pull is also perfection. It’s subtle but yet intricate with the lines being divided up with varying widths. Just enough to add interest, not be the same as a standard pull but look clean. I’m obsessed with this combination!

Long ago, my first interior designer taught me to stop being “matchy matchy.” When you step outside everything being the same you allow for a room to have character. You see the details. Otherwise if it all matches you lose that individuality and expression. It all just looks…. well, the same. 

Mixing these two very different looks gave the room the edge I wanted to mesh with the lighting fixtures and cool appliance vibe.

Mudroom Locker Area Hardware

Kitchen Makeover with hardware from VESTA. Knurled Hardware pulls.
Knurled Hardware Pulls from VESTA hardware in satin nickel.
Knurled pulls with satin nickel finish. Masculine and modern pulls for cabinetry.

This is a funny story….to go with my “blue” tones my house is basically all decorated in, I wanted the cabinetry in this space to blend with the kitchen, even though they aren’t connected. 

While I don’t like “match matchy” I do love cohesiveness. Your house should feel as one. Another interior design friend advised me not to “stamp” your house. Meaning red in one room, blue in another, green in another…. pick a tone and stick to it. 

So…. we decided to paint the lockers the same blue as the La Cornufe! And change up the tile floors. My husband saw this and said “Listen, I love it. But remember we have two boys who will use this room. Please try to not go too Tinkerbelly!”

Fair enough.

Style goal

Stay cohesive with design of house, but keep fabrics, lighting and hardware more straightforward and less feminine. 

Hardware Choices

VESTA hardware Beliza collection for knobs and pulls. This collection is my husband’s favorite. We almost used it in the kitchen until I decided against the bold for that space! 

The knurled knobs are the bomb!!!! Man, they are cool. They add that perfect masculine look, but the rounded shape still works with the soft blue.


To keep it less Tinkerbell (!) I chose satin nickel. It took out the shine, added a cooler tone with the blue and brought down the “pretty” feel of the blue. They are killer. Look at the VESTA Beliza pulls – how cool is that from all vantage points! Details. VESTA shines in DETAILS!

Advice for picking out hardware

  • Don’t worry about matching finishes. Change the finish from other things in room like lighting fixtures. It adds interest.
  • Take risks – mix collection pieces. You can choose a knob from one collection, and a pull from another!
  • Hold it in your hand – there is a massive difference in fine hardware like VESTA than a box store pull. If you can save part of your budget for fine hardware, you’ll notice the difference in the craftsmanship. In your primary rooms used every day, this is where I’d absolutely put VESTA hardware since you’ll get to love on it every single day!
Cabinet Knob with hammered top for cabinet redesign.
VESTA knobs. How to pick hardware for your kitchen makeover.
How to pick hardware for your home

How to find VESTA Hardware

Outside of the collections I chose, there are so many other beautiful collections. Hey husband…. want to redo the basement and use these???? 🙂 Crickets on that…. I think we are done with the remodeling for a long time!

Click to find a VESTA hardware dealer.

Thank you, VESTA Hardware, for partnering with me. Your pieces will shine and I can hardly wait to use our new spaces!

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I’ll be sharing full reveal shots when we are done. And follow VESTA hardware online for more inspiration!

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