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Thank you to Chicos for sponsoring this post, and honoring women and their friendship!

Blue Gray Gal dancing white Chicos Slub Tee, white jean jacket and girlfriend jeans.

Guys! Let’s talk about music! What music you listen to, laugh at, dance to, or cry to says something about who you are. I am very moved by music of all kinds! I thought it would be fun to create playlists with my all-time favorite jams. There are playlists for all moods – chill, dance party music, to cruising tunes! I’ll keep updating these!

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Happy Driving Music Spotify Playlist

Today is National Girlfriend Day. Which is ironically, the perfect day for me to share my playlist favorites because nearly all of my forever friendships center around music. My closest friendships were all formed after a night out dancing and being silly or driving in a car for hours while we tried memorizing lyrics! Music brings out who you are in a very unique way!

Guys, meet Amy. Or as I call her, “My Amy.” She’s one of my ride or die friends. I have quality friends, not so much quantity. Just my personality I guess.

Amy and I met ten years ago through our husbands, who worked together. We invited them over for dinner. We had a nice chat over dinner. But then my iPod (yes! we are old!) accidentally played a 90s song not so PC so I went running over to turn it off in case it offended her! She immediately said “AHHH!! I love this song! Do you listen to this?!” Within 30 seconds we rattled off all our favorite fun dance songs – all the same! The night quickly turned into a dance party and we’ve been bonded ever since!

Dance Party Playlist!

The first song on this play list is our song. It’s called “Best Friend!”

Chicos Girlfriend jeans

My Amy is who I twirl with when a girl just needs to twirl. She’s who listens to me say the things I need to get off my chest when no one else should hear them. She’s who hugs me when I cry. And she’s just one of those people you know will always be in your life. She always tells me “You’re my person.” Amy is my person, too!

Girl, what you wearin’?

To celebrate National Girlfriend Day, we did a fun photoshoot in our Chicos Girlfriend jeans. Do these pictures not explain our friendship?! can’t wait to frame one of these! PS – when I asked her to pick out her outfit with the Chicos Girlfriend jeans, we both picked almost identical choices so we had to share who wore what!!!

Chill Time Play List

Did I mention we are sorority sisters, just from different collages? So we had to do the sorority pose, ha!
The Prom Pose.
We have no fun together at all, as you can see.

Sizing note: Chicos Girlfriend Jeans are meant to be loose and comfy. And they are! If you prefer a smaller fit, size down at least two sizes. Amy is in a 00 an I’m in a 0. I should have gotten the 00 as well (typically I’m a 0 in Chicos, though.) But the jeans have a lot of give and stretch so you can totally move in them easily!

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Happy National Girlfriend Day, all. And to My Amy – I love you long time. 💕

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