Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom


Our identical twin boys turned five recently. A Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom was entering their galaxy!

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

They had been in big boy beds for some time, but it was time to turn their nursery into a full-on bedroom with their favorite things everywhere. Like most every boy on the planet, they love Star Wars. So they got a really cool Star Wars big boy bedroom. Even though Star Wars products have been everywhere before, the new movie helped make this even easier to do! Thanks George Lucas and J.J. Abrams!

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

To start with, the paint color is Benjamin Moore Brushed Aluminum. I did a matte finish on the top, painted the chair rail the same color but in semi-gloss and then painted the lower part in a semi-gloss, again with same color. I wanted the whole effect to be fresh, neutral, but have a bit of an inter-galactic glow!

I designed the room myself. Who knows their babies, excuse me, big boys better than their Mommy? I had a vision and it was that it would be fresh and cool looking, but be so covered in fun boy things they loved that their imagination would go wild and they had room to play and work.

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom


Task Chair

Red Task Lamp – much more affordable version here

They have a built-in bed that’s for sleepovers or where cousins sleep when they are in town. But we mostly use it as a reading nook for bedtime. These awesome pillows finished the space and thank you Pottery Barn for making these amazing pillows!!!!! Man they are cool.

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Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom
Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Soccer Ball Pillow

Star Wars Sheet Collection (huge hits!)

Star Wars Pilows

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The Roman Shades I had made through this cool website I found called The Shade Store. It’s a way of having custom shades made in a pretty affordable way. I have custom drapery throughout my house (and I’m choosing to forget how much I paid for them). Custom drapery just isn’t cheap no matter how you slice it. But these were certainly less expensive than they would have been had I gone through a local professional work-room. And they have AMAZING fabric choices from designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Jonathan Adler, Dwell Studio and more. I chose a Dwell Studio fabric for the drapery and for the blue accent pillows as well.

The fabric used Jakarta Fret and Maze Work on Pillow

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

The beds are awesome. I love how rustic, yet cool they look. I found these personalized prints on Etsy.The nightstands match. We’ve had these beds for a few years and I’ve been impressed with how they’ve held up. For two boys sleeping side by side you can imagine the beating they get, and they still look great!

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Because I was adamant that these boys needed to lay in bed and look and things that sparked their imagination, Santa brought this cool Solar System hanging decor that they love. It spins every so slowly with normal air flow and looks really cool.

It is the tiniest bit crowded up again the amazing light fixture I found for such a great price, but I don’t care. Your young once and your bedroom should feel awesome. (They lay in bed at night going “pew pew pew” sounds looking at the Star Wars scene canvas art!)

By the way – this ceiling light is on sale for like $1,000 at Restoration Hardware. Hogwash. I found this lighting fixture for an amazing price at West Elm and it’s super cool. I bought it in silver.

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Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom
Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Solar System

Lighting Fixture

Our boys absolutely crack us up with their want to dress up. They’ll go upstairs when I don’t see and will come down in full costume, mask and all to play. We have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes, Soldier, and of course, a lot of Star Wars. Can I tell you how impressed I am with these Disney Stormtrooper costumes? They are worth EVERY PENNY. The quality is absolutely amazing. I mean for real. They last, they don’t tear, they don’t rip, they look amazing, and they actually (in my opinion) look like they should cost more than they are!

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Letter Hooks (I bought mine originally from Restoration Hardware Kids, but they stopped selling them. Pottery Barn Kids sells these similar ones – and they are on sale!)

Stormtrooper Costumes

Little futuristic accessories are sprinkled around, just to spice up the Star Wars toys and cars and junk, I mean, toys everywhere. Little accessories make this Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom have the details to make it feel that much more special.

The art on the wall is all canvas. There are a ridiculous amount of choices on Etsy. You can see them all here – and very well priced. I let my boys pick out their favorite scenes!

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Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom
Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom
Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Gold Symmetry Objects

I have more photos to share of their Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom, but I think that should cover it for now! I’ll share more when I can. I hope this inspires you for a Star Wars big boy bedroom for your big boys (and no husband, we aren’t getting Star Wars sheets or hanging Star Wars posters so don’t ask.)

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Star Wars Big Boy Bedroom

Finish the Space

Oh, if you buy nothing else, this Darth Vadar alarm clock is awesome. My boys love it!

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May the Force Be With You, and your Little Ones.



  1. Avatar
    April Callison
    January 25, 2016 / 11:11 pm

    This is so adorable, simple, and fun. Just my sorta style. I’ve been looking at a lot of the pieces — and love how you mixed traditional PB with modern WE. One more question…where did you get the star wars poster? Looks personalized — is that from Etsy as well?

    • Kelly
      January 27, 2016 / 9:29 pm

      Thank you! I love comments like this! Star Wars poster – yes, personalized. I have a friend whose an amazing Graphic Artist design it for me then I printed it. I felt badly showing it when I couldn’t link on how to buy it! But I do know there are tons of places on Etsy who will make them. I looked at them. Do you want me to find some Etsy links for you? I’m more than happy to! I just went this route 1) because she’s a lifelong friend and I thought that made it more special 2) the size was huge and I wasn’t sure how that would ship. Let me know and I can pull info if you need it! Thanks again for comment!!!!

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