All I want for V-Day is my Dishwasher Emptied


God bless my sweet children and husband. They know the way to my heart is an emptied dishwasher. And eating their candy, too. But more so a cleaned dishwasher.

Truth about Valentine’s Day? It’s for the kids in my house. I could really care less. As long as I know my husband loves me every day of the year (there are certain days I give him a pass because, well, you know – I’m grouchy) then I’m good on the day of the year you’re supposed to know you’re loved.

For me, Valentine’s Day is really a chance to show your kids some extra, extra love, sport a cute shirt and just smile at people more. All of us are fighting some form of a battle and could use an extra hug, show of love and not be hit over the head with the “oh, I’m so much more loved than you are” crapola.

In honor of the day, perhaps we all take a new stance on it.

5 ways to show love on Valentine’s Day!

#1 – surprise strangers

No, I do not mean by flashing them. Although, hey, hey! That shows some serious love, lol. Pay for Starbucks for the people behind you. Give the cashier an extra $5 or even $10 and say – “use this for the people behind me and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day!”

#2 – be “extra”

Wear some holiday spirit – like over the top spirit. The kind of spirit that makes people look at you. Then when they do look at you, smile GREAT big, wish them a happy Valentine’s Day and say “it’s just a day for fun, don’t you agree?” Perhaps we can change the tone of the holiday by making it about fun rather than relationships.

#3 – sugar coma for all!

Bring candy to everyone you know. Your co-workers, kids teachers, friends you’re seeing that day, the UPS man. Anyone. Let’s all just say “oh heck with love, I’m eating some candy!” Buy a ton and just share it with everyone you see!

#4 – tell. them. all of them.

Send a text to 5 friends that say “I just love you. Today I’m honoring you, our friendship, and how freaking awesome I think you are.”

#5 – my love language

Empty the dishwasher for someone you love. 💕

Be Extra. All affordably priced. All things you can still keep & wear.

And yes, I’m including that headband in that, too. I will so wear that again at some point during the year!

Heart Headband

Pink Yoga Pants – High waisted, Zella brand. No brainer, guys.

White heart Sunglasses

Pink Lipgloss

Red Converse


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