Outdoor Halloween Decorations. Skeleton decorations, spider web and non-spooky ways to decorate your home for October.
Giant outdoor spider Halloween decor.
Outdoor spider for decorating your house for Halloween.
Moveable Skeleton Halloween decorations.
Halloween Pumpkins with Lights
How to decorate for Christmas.
Bat Skeleton decoration for Halloween.
Outdoor Halloween Decoration
Outdoor Skeleton climbing tree.
Bat Skeleton hanging from lantern.
Outdoor Pumpkin with Vines and lights

Looking to quickly add some easy Halloween decor for outside your house? Here is how I styled our home for a spooky, but fun Halloween home! My kids feel proud when the bus pulls up to get them! 

light it up with Christmas lights!

Christmas lights? Well, kind of! My pumpkins I’ve had for years have Christmas lights strung through them to add sparkle! It’s a fun way to decorate for fall and Halloween – without being too spooky. Mine are from Pier1 years ago, but Target also has lit pumpkins them to order! Ship them to your house to make it easier on you!

Change out your lightbulbs to Orange LED bulbs! While I keep the house like it’s shown here all month long, the day before Halloween I change the outdoor lightbulbs to orange ones! It’s an awesome way to announce to the neighborhood that you are open for business with the all important candy! Super easy to do – and I’ve had mine for years. Keep them in a drawer to use year after year. 

sometimes bigger is better

Buy less, make a bigger impact! A giant spider, real sized skeleton and some huge spider webs make it look like you’re house is decked – when really it’s just 3 things you bought. Holla! 

I hang my spider using a large wire ribbon. It’s strung around his neck and then looped over the column. I also have nails on the backside of my entrance ceiling for easy hanging of holiday decor year round! So he’s secured to one of those nails, too! “Harry”, our spider is really light weight so he hangs pretty effortlessly!

String oversized spider webs all over the place to give your spider a place to crawl up on! This spider web stuff is ridiculously easy to hang – you don’t need nails – it’ll grab to anything – shutters or corners of your home work fine! I leave mine up all month long and have no problem with it being outside with the elements! Spiders like being outside, right? 

it’s all in good fun!

Halloween doesn’t have to mean spooky or scary! It’s also a night for silliness and fun! “Mary” our skeleton is working herself to the bones in her rose garden! Get it – Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Yes, people, yes. Mary is my favorite! I used a wire tie to secure watering can and then propped it on the roses. She’s hung in there for weeks like this! Have fun with your set up — these skeletons are amazingly well built!

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Happy Halloween, all. Read more of my Halloween posts here! 

Now whose got the Twix and Snickers — I’ll take them all, k’thanks.

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