How to Mix Metals in your Kitchen

Mixing metals in kitchen is easy! Get examples for how to mix metals - you can totally put gold and stainless steel together!

If you’re on the fence with whether mixing metals in kitchen decor is a good idea, allow me to convince you it is!

We used VESTA Fine Hardware on our cabinetry throughout all of the spaces we remodeled. They have stunning, luxury hardware. The pieces are basically functional jewelry!

Our scullery (another word for a kitchen off of the kitchen) is our new addition to the home. It used to be a patio that was never touched so we enclosed it and it’s now one of the most used rooms in our home!

My hope for this space was for it to have a glam-industrial feel. It feels like a little bistro in there! By mixing metals in the kitchen, the space was able to have that stainless steel industrial feel, but adding the gold hardware added the glam!

Mixing metals in kitchen is easy! Get examples for how to mix metals - you can totally put gold and stainless steel together!

Mixing Metals in Kitchen Decor

Mixing metals in kitchen decor is pretty straightforward. Start by thinking through all of the elements in the space that will be metal and identify the prominent metal. In my space, I had a refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher and the sink. None of these are the same brand. They are actually all different stainless finishes from multiple vendors! More on this in future posts.

After figuring out the prominent metal, work from there. I used the 80/20 rule. 80% of the space is stainless steel, and the accents like the hardware and lighting were gold.

Floating Shelves in kitchen painted in Accessible beige with gold light and porcelain countertops.

Gold Kitchen Hardware

The appliances are all stainless, which left a decision for the other metal elements – hardware choice, lighting fixtures and the plumbing.

I feel head over heels in love with the look of the VESTA Artworth knob. The hammered look was the perfect way to mix that glam-industrial look. When you begin mixing metals in kitchen decor, you can combine the best of two aesthetic worlds! The Artworth knob has an edginess to it, yet also a softness. This was the perfect piece to bridge and meld the two looks!

Once I picked the knob, everything feel in place from there. I chose the VESTA Identity pull.  for the remainder of the cabinet pieces. I loved the sleekness of it. It was simply but with detail that made you look closer at it. This is what details do – they make everything else shine! You look at what is a seemingly simple design and notice the curves, the edges, the cuts – you look more closely and appreciate the thought that went into something!

Kitchen Cabinets in Accessible Beige with Dash & Albert rug and Etsy Farmhouse stool. Bosch stainless steel dishwasher.
Farmhouse stool for kitchen. Dash and Albert rug and kitchen design ideas.

After selecting the two hardware pulls, I chose to keep the plumbing stainless. The plumbing piece for the sink felt oh-so-cool and added to that bistro kitchen vibe!

I felt certain the lighting fixtures should be gold. Jessica Bradley Interiors helped me select the perfect pieces! Mixing the metals in the kitchen provided a perfect mesh of the two tones to provide that look we aimed for! The entire effect is cozy and elegant – and not at all messy like you may think if you use two different metal shades!

The VESTA Artworth knob and Identity pull. 

Bathroom vanity hardware

This space is a surprising way to introduce a new metal! I did just the opposite of the kitchen though. Instead of changing the metal of the hardware to counteract the appliances, I kept the hardware the predominate metal, which allowed for the accessories to be the mixed metal.

Example: We used the oh-so-elegant Palazzo VESTA pulls and knobs as our bathroom vanity hardware. Man is this line of hardware feminine and full of luxury! The polished nickel lets the curves shine even more!

Bathroom cabinet hardware. Polished nickel hardware on white bathroom vanity cabinets.
Polished Nickel hardware from VESTA hardware. High end bathroom hardware on white and marble bathroom vanity.
Bathroom decor ideas with Benjamin Moore White Dove walls, vanity and gray marble counter tops and marble wainscoting. Gold and silver wall mirror with gold sconces from Circa Lighting.
VESTA hardware. Polished nickel hardware on bathroom vanities. Bardiglio gray marble and white bathroom cabinets.

The plumbing is the same polished nickel finish. With 80% of the room being the silver metal look, we were able to introduce punches of gold home accents. Again, Jessica Bradley Interiors helped me select the most beautiful Kelly Wearstler wall sconce. The lighting fixture is decidedly modern, but it adds a great punctuation to the full on gracefulness of the Palazzo pull.

Kelly Wearstler Sconce in bathroom with gray marble and silver and gray mirror.
Bathroom vanity hardware. White cabinets with Bardiglio marble tile and Bardiglio marble countertops. Kelly Wearstler sconces from Circa Lighting. Blue pajamas on home blogger Kelly Page for BlueGrayGal from Nordstrom.

The other accent that works with the bathroom cabinet hardware is the two toned wall mirror. The mirror has both silver and gold leaf detail. I love the shape of the edges – the color is feminine, but the edging has a modern twist.

We haven’t yet finished the bathroom but I plan to add a chandelier that’s gold which will further underscore the brilliant glow of the polished nickel!

One thing I considered when choosing both the VESTA Palazzo Pull and knob is that they both don’t have the same curve shape. The knob has sharp edges, the pull does not, yet they still work. By making the pull a bit more modern it was a gateway to start building on the “is it feminine or is it masculine?” feel we wanted the master to have since both my husband and I live in there!

VESTA Palazzo knobs and pulls

Vesta hardware used in scullery kitchen: VESTA Artworth knob and Identity pull. 

Bathroom vanity hardware used: Palazzo knobs and pulls.

So how do you feel about mixing metals? Does it make you twitch, or did I help convince you to give it a try?

Thank you, VESTA Hardware, for partnering with me. Click to find a VESTA hardware dealer.

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