maleficent halloween makeup

maleficent makeup tutorial & diy maleficent costume

For Halloween 2015 I went as Maleficent. When I was young, I was Sleeping Beauty at Disney, so I thought it would be fun to play her arch enemy! I used a Maleficent Halloween costume I bought pre-made. I had the best time doing the make up! Sometimes I get carried away for Halloween! I’m sharing both my Maleficent makeup tutorial and a way to make a cheap maleficent costume. Really the only piece I think you need to buy is the headrests. A DIY Maleficent costume is really easy and easy to pull together!

There are two choices for a Maleficent halloween costume look – the cartoon version or the Angelina Joie version. I went with Angelina because I loved her makeup!


maleficent halloween costume I wore

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How to create a Cheap maleficent halloween costume

easy diy maleficent costume

  • Long black dress with long sleeves.
  • Or black skirt, black cardigan and purple button down underneath for cartoon version.
  • A branch from outside and spray paint it black.
  • Black shoes of any kind (I wore boots).
  • Go nuts on the make-up.
  • The only thing you may not be able to DIY as well is the head dress so I recommend going ahead and buying that. The time and effort may be worth the cost of just buying it.
  • Optional: giant black cocktail ring and black crow.
  • That’s it – the headdress and makeup are what really make your costume easily identifiable with minimal effort!


cheap maleficent costume

 maleficent halloween costume and maleficent makeup tutorial.

maleficent makeup tutorial

  • tip 1: either traditional green like cartoon or buy a cheap foundation several shades lighter than your skin tone. Cover all skin showing.
  • tip #2: put that bronzer to work! Go below your cheekbones and pile it on. I used this kabuki brush I own (that’s ridiculously overpriced so don’t buy it) but I would buy a cheap one similar to, however a regular brush is fine. Don’t blend concealer too much. You’re re-creating a hollow face so keep cheekbones sharp.
  • tip #3: have fun with the eyes. Blend pinks, greens, purples all over your lid. I started at the outside of my eye and worked in.
  • tip #4: overdraw your lips with a deep pencil. Really emphasis the cupid’s bow on your mouth. Straight, sharp lines all over. Fill with deep red lipstick.
  • tip #5: darken your brows. Use dark brown or black eyeshadow if you want for maximum effect. I also over arched mine in a deep upside down V shape. We are not going for a natural, pretty look here!
  • tip #6: use a eyelash curler and mascara primer to pump up those lashes. Mascara primer is incredible and I use it when I want maximum impact. It truly works! This one is my favorite!

maleficent halloween costume makeup tutorial.

makeup products I used

Cheap maleficent halloween costume

I wish I could show you my husbands costume from this year, but he said “absolutely not.” Ha! He was John McEnroe and looked hysterical. Our neighborhood stopped him all night to say he won best costume!

That’s it! Thoughts? Be sure to read this post on the easy DIY Mummy costume I created for our family last year!


(By the way, I make this blog only about me on purpose. After many, many discussions with my husband we decided to leave our children and him out of my blog unless we both agree it’s needed. So for the most part this blog is to share my journey, my ideas and my point of view. However, sometimes it bothers me to not share my children because they are my entire world and obviously, my life. But it’s more important to me that my husband and I are in agreement over what I share than anything! Just a little aside there for you!)

Happy Halloween!


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maleficent halloween makeup