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Let’s rewind to winter 2016. With no humidity my hair can hold the tiniest bit of curl. So in the winter, I try and curl it. The problem? I’m a hair amateur. In the process of curling my hair all winter I literally fried it – off. I had to cut 7″ and slowly revive the left over part of my hair. Talk about major deep conditioning on dry hair! I had to nurse my hair back to life for a long time. The absolute best product I discovered is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector. It saved me. Fast forward to summer – with coloring my hair, chlorine from pool and damaging sun and I’m again turning to the Living Proof brand to keep my hair healthy.

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deep conditioning on dry hair

routine recommendations:

  • Blow dry hair the least amount possible.
  • Use dry shampoo in between blow dry days to keep style alive. Heat is not your friend when reviving dry hair!
  • I love bath’s – and use a ton of hair masque’s while I bathe. There are some great 5-minute masks. My favorite product is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector.
  • Use leave in masque on hair over night and the next day. What I love about the Night Cap product, is that the next day you wake up with gorgeously nourished hair and can create that Jennifer Lopez type hair style where you can slick it back. I keep the moisturizing cream on my hair the entire next day (my husband actually loves when I style my hair like this) so I get nearly 24 hours of deep conditioning on dry hair!
  • Always, always use heat protectant spray before using any heat. Trust me. 7″ later I know this!

trying not to blow dry

This is one way I save my dry hair. I figure out styles that don’t require blow drier heat or a curling iron. Avoiding heat at all costs is a mission I’m on, whether it’s putting my hair up in a top knot, or practicing my braiding skills. Note: the top knot is easiest. Watch my tutorial here!

I’m loving and obsessed with scarves. I add it to ponytails, wrap it around my hair, or put it on top of my hair when it’s down. All of these let me pick styles that don’t need heat tools and people only see the cute scarf!

cute scarfs


living proof brand hair care products.

living proof brand favorites

Note, so far I’ve tried out a ton of Living Proof products and the two I really am not impressed with are the blowout spray (very hard for amateurs like me to work with, though they did just release a new version I haven’t tried) and the In-Shower Styler. I don’t think I have the right hair type for this. Both of those I wouldn’t buy again.

I use both their Perfect Hair Day line of shampoo and conditioner for everyday, and the Full line for when I’m going to blow dry and style. I love, adore, can’t say enough about both lines of Living Proof brand shampoo and conditioners.

Yellow sandals and tassel blanket from Anthropologie.

Atlanta blogger Kelly Page. Blue shutters and anthropologie blanket.

living proof perfect hair day night cap overnight perfector

I plan on putting together a good video of how I started braiding my hair like this. If you don’t get my newsletter, be sure you do so you know when it comes out. It’s pretty simple once you grasp the finger dexterity it needs!

outfit details

Note: While Living Proof did sponsor my videos on my hair tutorials, they did not sponsor this nor know I’m writing this. I’m writing this from a truly honest point of view for products I love.


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