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Knock Out Roses are actually considered a shrub and not a flower. They are used as borders and when placed in groupings they make an amazing focal point. We have them as a border down our driveway and in groupings in our backyard. When these are in bloom the view driving into the house is spectacular!

Knockout Roses started becoming popular around 2000 and they were the best selling landscaping plant that year in the entire country! People loved the fullness of the shrub with the full blooms. They also had a reputation for low care level,

Considered immune to disease and self dead heading, knock out roses bloom every five weeks. They bloom continuously throughout the summer and their blooms last for a few weeks.

We have them in the driveway I mentioned, and also a few groupings in the backyard so I have a lot of experience seeing these plants grow.

caring for knockout Roses

Despite that they were considered very low maintenance and free from disease, I have had a few plants be taken over by disease. While I do not spray any of my knock out roses, I have lost a few along the way. Having said this, I probably have at least 2.5 dozen of these plants and have really only lost 4 or so, so the odds are in your favor if you plant these gorgeous shrubs!

While a lot of people say they dead head or “self clean” themselves, I prefer to keep up with the dead heading. But then again, in the summer I walk around with pruning shears and clean everything up constantly so that just be my need to clip something! We have landscapers who trim them back down after the blooms are wilting but that’s because I’m trying to keep mine at a a certain height. If left to grow these bushes will get bigger and bigger! I do remember once that we were having a party and while the roses weren’t in perfect shape, they still had great color. When I walked outside and our landscaper had taken every single bloom off! I was like “NO! There goes my beautiful entry for the party!” Ha. Such problems in life, right?

If you’re going to plant these, plant the knockout roses in early spring or late fall. Don’t bother planting these mid-summer. In my experience they won’t take. They also need 4-6 hours of direct sun.

But with spring upon us soon, now would be a perfect time to start eyeing where you could put some of these beauties.

Knock out roses come in four colors, though I’ve only seen two of these in the Atlanta area. Red and pink (which is what I mainly see) and yellow and white. Here’s a nice link to show the colors. They are gorgeous!

I find that these flowers are sweet little flowers to put in a tiny bud vase for my daughter. The stems are very prickly and not quite long enough to use in flower arrangements though. But a sweet little clipping in a tiny bud vase is really cute. I love to surprise my daughter with some on her nightstand!

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