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Snuggle Sweater and candles from Chesapeake Candle.counter organization

Aren’t we all striving for organization? Especially organization in the kitchen which is the work horse room of the house? Here are three tips for kitchen counter organization that will double as ideas for decorating kitchen countertops! Along with the tips I’ve included my top picks for what to put on kitchen countertop for decoration.

ideas for decorating kitchen countertops

what to put on kitchen countertop for decoration

what to put on kitchen countertop for decoration

Keep fruits and veggies accessible for cooking or snacking on the counter, but away from counter chemicals. I like to use this really beautiful wooden platter to hold my veggies. They are raised up off the counter, easy to grab to cook with and you get a bonus pretty centerpiece with it! To make it look more like a centerpiece I added this gorgeous bleached teak vase (similar one here and more linked below)  to hold flowers and a yummy smelling Chesapeake Bay Candle next to it. Lighting a candle after cooking helps get rid of any bad kitchen odor (we eat a lot of fish in our home!) My preferred kitchen smell is the Tahitian Vanilla Jar Candle because it smells like yummy fruits, flowers, woods and a touch of musk. It’s a good one! It has a silver lid which I keep next to it. Having a cover helps me remember to blow out the candle at the end of the night and close it up to look nice and neat.

organization in kitchen

I use stainless steal cookware and the best cleaning product to make it shiny is Bar Keepers Friend. It’s a miracle cleaner! But it can be messy and smelly. Organization in kitchen is prioritized for me by functionality first and looks second. To have my favorite soap accessible, add counter organization but keep my workspace looking nice, I keep the powder in this cute salt jar. This way I can just dip my sponge in there and grab some and close the lid. It’s displayed by my sink, easy to get to but pretty and hidden! (This soap is amazing, but I’m really glad I have my Chesapeake Bay Candle to light after washing dishes because it smells very chemically. I’m using the Mandarin Berry Large Jar Candle here.)

organization in kitchen

those pesky electronics

My kids, the lucky ducks, all have iPads. I’ll do another post sometime about the Mom guilt from spoiling them that this causes me, but in the meantime I always worry about keeping them in a safe place in our kitchen. I don’t like them to be in their bedrooms. I use a wire folder file to set out in the kitchen corner. I snake through the charging wires to neatly tuck behind. At the end of the day, my children fold up the iPad cover and put them back in the file bin. They stay charged, in one spot and neatly set aside and out of the way!

What sort of tips do you have for what to put on kitchen countertop for decoration and kitchen counter organization? Please share any in the comments so we can all benefit!

Ipad covers for girls and where to keep iPads

product ideas for decorating kitchen countertops

chesapeake bay candle and bleach teak vase full of limelight hydrangea cut flowers.

chesapeake bay candle

Thanks to Chesapeake Bay Candle for sponsoring this post about my tips for organization in kitchen. Their candles smell yummy (my daughter actually said that the Mandarin Berry Large Jar Candle is “life changing.” Wow, I said. A candle? “Yes, this candle is life changing.”) They are made with a lead free cotton wick and in Maryland from products around the world. They will burn for 80 hours – long enough to apparently change your life!

Blue and beige family room home decor with Chesapeake Bay Candle on gold end table.

Pictured in this photo is the yummy Snuggly Sweater Large Jar Candle smell. And oh….it’s so good. A perfect living room smell!

my favorite scents they offer:

Sea Salt Vanilla Large Jar Candle

Snuggly Sweater Large Jar Candle

Tahitian Vanilla Large Jar Candle

Mandarin Berry Large Jar Candle

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